Privacy Policy

Bhutan Packages Privacy Policy

  • Bhutan Packages holds the privacy of its customers to its highest esteem.
  • Your personal information is collected by the agency for the sole purpose of business transactions and record keeping.
  • During monetary transactions, we initiate the transfers through established & reputed banks who lend high security to your account through coded encryptions that cannot be easily broken down.
  • Your IP address is saved by the website during every visit and resort to the usage of cookies to give you a more personalized website browsing experience.
  • The collected information about each customer is maintained and made accessible to only registered executives within the agency.
  • The website and the information provided in here may be subjected to changes from time to time, solely by the discretion of the agency.
  • The customer is requested to read the Privacy Policy, Cancellation Policy & Terms and Conditions carefully before choosing our services.
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