Frequently Asked Questions:

No, there are certain restrictions if you plan to travel to some places and require entry permits.
No, the new Indian notes have not been announced to be legal until now.
It perfectly depends upon personal preferences and wish, you could tip any amount you want to in your Bhutan Tour.
Only if your network supports International roaming.
Comparatively lesser than the daily budget for foreigners which is approx 250 US $
No, there are no train services that continue inside Bhutan.
Yes, but you have to be careful about smoking in public, which is an offence.
March and April are among the most popular times to travel Bhutan as temperatures are pleasant and the valleys are abundant in nature.
All other tourists must obtain a visa clearance prior the travel to Bhutan from the Tourism Department offices in Phuentsholing or Thimphu.
If you wish to travel overland, you can enter and exit Bhutan through its southern gateway of Phuentsholing into the Indian state of West Bengal, in Bagdogra.
Bhutan is almost 8 times smaller than India. It covers an area of 38,394 kmĀ² with a population of 7.98 lakh.
No, you cannot buy land/property in Bhutan. You can only go and visit Bhutan without paying any fee, settling in Bhutan is a little difficult.
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