• Every tourist is required to issue a visa before they enter Bhutan.
  • However, Indian & Bangladeshi nationals are exempted from this requirement.
  • The permit can be issued from the capital city of Thimphu.
  • The permit is issued with the help of a travel agent, who gets in touch with a local Bhutanese guide to complete the necessary paper works.
  • You cannot apply for the visa unless you have made your tour package payment in full. The tour should be booked and paid ahead in advance for the paperwork to start.
  • Visa should be issued before the commencement of the tour, not during it.
  • Unless your issued visa is stamped in your passport during your arrival to the airport, you will not be granted any further entry.
  • Your tour package cost includes accommodation fees, cost of the meals, car rental charges, trekking fees, trekking gear charges, camping charges, local guide fees, entry point charges & inner permit charges.
  • You only need to spend an additional amount of money if you are shopping for souvenirs in Bhutan or tipping the local guides/shopkeepers or making donations.
  • You can only bring up to 2 liters of alcohol with you upon entry.
  • Drugs are prohibited, except the medically prescribed ones.
  • You are not allowed to export antiques or wildlife products outside Bhutan.
  • Smoking in public is banned nationwide. However, you can inquire about special smoking rooms in several restaurants around the region.
  • Making improper statements about the Royal Family of Bhutan is strongly discouraged.
  • You are advised to dress moderately during your visit to monasteries or public places.
  • Do not drink the water unless it is bottled or offered to you from a reliable source.
  • Always carry medications to cure altitude sickness. Bhutan's elevation may get into your head and make you feel nauseous.
  • Always carry ample amount of mosquito repellents & sunscreen.
  • Tipping your guide at the end of the trip is always expected as a friendly gesture.

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