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Bhutan holiday tour packages from Kolkata

Bhutan tour packages are an excellent adventure trip to discover the mysterious land of Bhutan. Bhutan started welcoming tourist since 1974 and has until now created a reputation of a country which has a close connection to its resources and has successfully kept it s environment intact. It is filled with various monasteries and fortress which exhibit the charm of Bhutan’s art and culture. Bhutan is blessed with beauty that hard to find anywhere else.

Our Bhutan package from Kolkata is a popular choice which engages a lot of tourists who avails discounted family trips, solo trips and Honeymoon Package for a delightful experience. For a discounted rate on Bhutan tour package cost from Kolkata, we are just a call away to assist any queries about your packages. Our satisfied customers have shared their delightful Bhutan experience and the magical mountains which are made more beautiful by the blue rivers that flow along. We have perfectly customized our packages to offer you complete assistance once you leave from Kolkata and shall continue taking care of your needs until your stay with us is done with.

The distance from Kolkata to Bhutan is about 1053 km which takes a hectic 40 hour of a car journey to reach the border of Bhutan. There are also flights that connect Kolkata to Bhutan which are available throughout the week.

Package includes

  • 7 Day accommodation at a good hotel
  • Daily breakfast
  • Transfer to and from hotel
  • 2 Night stay in Thimphu with sightseeing
  • Night stay in Punakha with sightseeing
  • 3 Night stay in Paro with sightseeing
  • Ac vehicle for transfer

Popular Bhutan Tour Packages from Kolkata

Kolkata being a very busy city bustling with traffic, pollution and population that makes the daily life uneasy. The rush of the tourist from Kolkata, who book a Bhutan tour for a peaceful surroundings experience, has been increasing with time. The ease of Bhutan packages bookings even from Kolkata has made traveling to Bhutan a frequent phenomenon for its tourist.

Land Of Thunder Dragon

BHUTAN, Bhutan Group Tour

Includes :
BTP-1105 Nights

Beautiful Bhutan Tour

BHUTAN, Bhutan Family Tour

Includes :
BTP-0405 Nights

Bhutan Honeymoon Package

BHUTAN, Bhutan Honeymoon Tour packages

Includes :
BTP-1007 Nights

Graceful Bhutan

BHUTAN, Bhutan Honeymoon Tour packages

Includes :
BTP-0806 Nights

Bhutan By Road 8 Nights 9 Days

BHUTAN, Bhutan Family Tour

Includes :
BTP-2108 Nights

Bhutan Honeymoon Tour

BHUTAN, Bhutan Honeymoon Tour packages

Includes :
BTP-0606 Nights

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Q. What is the best time to explore the beautiful Bhutan?

A. September to November is the best time to explore the mesmerizing beauty of Bhutan.

Q. How many days will it require to explore Thimphu?

A. Approx 6-7 days is required to explore the whole of Thimphu and visit its nearby attractions completely.

Q. What are the most comfortable homestays in Bhutan?

A. Aum Om Homestay, Nivvana Lodge & Homestay, Ugyen Homestay etc are the best home stays which will provide home like comfort.

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