To the land of Thunder Dragon

Bhutan Tourism Packages from India

As per the directive of Tourism Council of Royal Government of Bhutan, Indian resident nationals are exempted from Royalty (mandatory govt. levied fee) and certain taxes; therefore pricing policy for tours is slightly different from non Indians. This is one prime reason that makes our Bhutan Tourism packages from India more pocket friendly for our clients. We have further customized our tour packages and for your convenience, you can avail of our special packages like Bhutan honeymoon packages from any part of India as couples, family or a solo trip.

The breathtaking features of Bhutan lie in its natural beauty, fascinating villages, uniquely built temples or scenic spots which offers excellent panoramic views that are meant to stay with you forever . Take advantage of our tailored Bhutan packages from India which just might be the break your life had been waiting for.

8 day Itinerary of Bhutan -

  • 1st day- Arrival to Bhutan, transfer to hotel with leisure time.
  • 2nd day- Thimphu sightseeing all day
  • 3rd day- Further sightseeing in Thimphu
  • 4th day- Paro transfer and shopping
  • 5th day- Paro sightseeing
  • 6th day- Transfer to Punakha with sightseeing
  • 7th day- Breakfast and transfer to airport for departure

Popular Bhutan Tour Packages from India

The Indians traveling to Bhutan are subject to VISA fee exception and few other prevelages that has resulted in a huge rush of Indian tourist to Bhutan for a Bhutan tour. A Bhutan packages from India would cost you even less than the rate of Bhutan packages for other countries nationals. Experience what makes the people of Bhutan, the happiest people on Earth.

Bhutan Adventure Tours

BHUTAN, Bhutan Adventure Tour

Includes :
BTP-1710 Nights


BHUTAN, Bhutan Family Tour

Includes :
BTP-0307 Nights

Bhutan High Trails Adventure

BHUTAN, Bhutan Adventure Tour

Includes :
BTP-1517 Nights

Land Of Thunder Dragon

BHUTAN, Bhutan Group Tour

Includes :
BTP-1105 Nights

Bhutan Tour Packages

BHUTAN, Bhutan Family Tour

Includes :
BTP-0106 Nights

Incredible Bhutan Honeymoon Tour

BHUTAN, Bhutan Honeymoon Tour packages

Includes :
BTP-1007 Nights

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Q. Which are the major airports in India to reach Bhutan?

A. There are several international flights from Delhi, Kolkata, Bagdogra, Bodh Gaya, Guwahati and Mumbai to reach Bhutan.

Q. What is the time difference between Indian Standard time and Bhutan time?

A. Bhutan is 30 minutes ahead of Indian Standard Time (IST).

Q. I am traveling from Mumbai. Do I need a passport to travel to Bhutan?

A. You may need either a Valid Indian Passport or a valid Voter ID card to travel to Bhutan with not less than 6 months of validity.

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