Towards the untouched beauty of Bhutan

Pocket Friendly Bhutan tour package from Delhi

Delhi being the capital of India has a number of tourists flowing in from across the country but recently local residents have been showing keen interest on Bhutan tour package from Delhi, and have been engaging with our quality affordable package options like Bhutan Honeymoon package from Delhi.

Bhutan is gifted with various cultural places and monasteries that have their own heritage and also has a history that is too interesting to be true. Though the distance till Bhutan from Delhi is about 1950 km, there are regular flights and trains to nearby railway stations which should be the destinations that your tour package operator will take care of you from.

Places Attractions you cannot miss
Paro A beautiful destination which has the famous Tiger’s Nest monastery which is the main attraction here.
Punakha A place that provides peaceful existence and here Punakha Dzong is a masterpiece you cannot miss to visit.
Thimpu The capital of Bhutan is the main hub of Bhutan with various places to have a wonderful time.

Popular Bhutan Tour Packages from Delhi

The sudden rush of travelers for a Bhutan tour from Delhi has been gaining a lot of momentum. The beautiful kingdom of Bhutan has been attracting tourist who come here to witness an experience that they have just heard about. Bhutan packages are customizable and each package is well tailored to give back an experience that is sure to remain with you.


BHUTAN, Bhutan Family Tour

Includes :
BTP-0307 Nights

Beautiful Bhutan Tour

BHUTAN, Bhutan Family Tour

Includes :
BTP-0405 Nights

Best of Bhutan Tours

BHUTAN, Bhutan Family Tour

Includes :
BTP-0505 Nights

Land Of Thunder Dragon

BHUTAN, Bhutan Group Tour

Includes :
BTP-1105 Nights

Incredible Bhutan Honeymoon Tour

BHUTAN, Bhutan Honeymoon Tour packages

Includes :
BTP-1007 Nights

Bhutan High Trails Adventure

BHUTAN, Bhutan Adventure Tour

Includes :
BTP-1517 Nights

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Q. What is the best route from Delhi to Bhutan in train?

A. However, it is recommended that you should take a flight to reach Bhutan from as the train journey will take time to reach Bhutan. The train route will be:

  • Delhi to Kolkata by train
  • Kolkata to Hasimara by train
  • Hasimara to Jaigaon by bus
  • Bhutan

Q. Which are the major cities in Bhutan that we cannot be missed?

A. The major cities in Bhutan that you cannot afford to miss are Thimphu, Punakha, and Paro.

Q. Is Bhutan a safe travel destination?

A. Yes, Bhutan is a very peaceful and one of the safest places for the tourist. The local people are very kind and warm.

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