Bhutan Student Group Tour

Bhutan Student Group Tour package

There are ample Bhutan Tour packages for families and people tend to think that more the number of travelers, more are the cost they incur but it isn’t really so. We have great Bhutan tour opportunities for students and great deals on excursions. We also have a variety of experience to choose from as the experience is also another important factor that makes a plan successful. So, choose from our best plans and book a student group tour, worth every penny u’ve spent. We’ve already provided quite a few best offers which assure a delightful experience.

We have been lucky enough to host many domestic and international students to Bhutan, the kingdom of Happiness and Fulfillment. We’ve also had quite a huge number of student groups who were given their best price and left with nothing but smiles. Delivering affordability and quality at once is quite necessary during the Bhutan Tour and it is also one primary reason why our Bhutan tour packages for any student groups, are so much popular and engaging than any other package provided elsewhere. Call us today and plan your effective group tour to Bhutan amidst some unrealistic beauty.

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Types of Small Group Tour in Bhutan We Arrange

1. Small Group Adventure tour:

We have an exciting range of Bhutan small group tours which will perfectly suit the small group that wants some adventure boost. The variety of adventure options that are available here make it possible for a good adventure experience. You can gather your small pack of friends and head on a journey and adventure with many secrets to uncover.

2. Small Group Cultural Tour:

The Bhutan cultural tour will give a chance to get closer to the local people and getting to know their way of lives. So we have a well-planned Bhutan group tours not just to offer tourists with multiple exploration and experiences but also the chance of discovering new places and culture authentically.

3. Small Group Cycling Tour:

Bhutan cycling tour is becoming a very unique and original way of seeing and interacting with the country, people and the pristine environment of Bhutan. The thrilling range of Bhutan small group tours will offer you to explore all the districts of Bhutan with an easy cycling from one place to another.

4. Small Group Walking Tour:

We arrange Bhutan group tours for a walk in the villages and shop for beautiful textiles in Bhutan. You can also take part in dancing; archery tournament and watch local history and mythology come alive by walking tours and get mesmerized by the ancient culture and humble people of Bhutan.

Faqs on Small Group Holiday in Bhutan

1. What is the best time to visit Bhutan

Ans: Best time to visit Bhutan is February to May and October to December.

1. What is an average expenditure for a small group tour to Bhutan

Ans: The average expenditure for a small group tour to Bhutan are as follows: During the time of the high season in Bhutan, it costs around $250 per person per day for 3 or more people in a group. Likewise, during the low season in Bhutan, it costs around $200 per person per day for 3 or more people in a group.

2. When is the best time to go for a small group tour in Bhutan

Ans: The Spring season from March to May is the most beautiful time of the year and also the peak season for the tourists. Also, the Autumn season from September to November has a clear sky and is the best time for traveling and trekking and also the peak season for the tourists.

If you still have questions in your find checkout the Bhutan Tour Faqs. and travel with Bhutan Tour Packages with ease


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