Why You Must Visit Bhutan – The Last Shangri-La

Why You Must Visit Bhutan – The Last Shangri-La

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Lofty mountains, quiet rivers, delicious mouthwatering food and a vast population, all these together make Bhutan is the most picturesque destination in the world. The less information about the country helps the locals to fiercely protect their culture and do not want a flood of tourists who do not respect their way of living. Thus the system of Bhutan ensures a certain type of screening before entry and per day ‘tourist tax’ levied on the foreigners. Thankfully, Indians are not required any tax and can book hotels, transport, etc. directly without paying tax. It is not true that only Bhutan features in one’s travel bucket list, the list usually includes many places like Italy, France, Maldives, Bali or New Zealand. But if you want to explore stunning mountains as well as love natural beauty, then there is no such other country in the world that can rival the pure innocence of Bhutan.

Reasons why you should visit Bhutan as soon as possible:

Bhutan tourism will give you everything to witness that you have been dreaming off. Here we are providing you with some valid reasons which will give you the ultimate cause that you should visit Bhutan:

1.  The word ‘pure’ defines the eternal beauty of Bhutan. The mountains are snow-capped and the landscapes are lush green, water flows unabated and the eyes are in for a treat.

2.  Landing into Paro International Airport is itself a lifetime experience. The wings of the aircraft steer close to the mountains and you find yourself holding your breath as the plane expertly maneuvers through the valley. It will surely give you an Adrenaline rush.

3.  And while we are talking about adrenaline rushes, how we can skip the trek to Tiger’s Nest, one of the holiest monasteries in Bhutan, which is nothing but a short of spiritual experience. It is being hung off the top of the cliff, this monastery seems impossible to get to. After the 3 hours trek, you will really be amazed by the stunning views of the Tiger’s Nest with a bridge under a waterfall leading up to it. Your Bhutan trip is complete without exploring the Tiger’s Nest.

4.  The Indian currency is accepted in Bhutan. So, you do not need to worry about foreign exchange or currency conversion.

5.  Your vacation to Bhutan travel will be incomplete if you don’t taste Bhutan cuisines. Bhutanese food is rich and hearty and an amazing mix of local cheese and chilies, both of which keep the body warm in the cold climate. The national dish of Bhutan is Ema Datshi which is essentially cheesy gravy with green chilies and served with the red rice, altogether makes a mouthwatering cuisine.

The above-mentioned points are the ultimate reasons for exploring Bhutan atleast once in a lifetime.

Now, Why Bhutan is called the Last Shangri La?

There are some facts behind the name of Shangri La-

  • The word Shangri la became well known after the book Lost Horizon was made into a movie in 1937, after which the word became quite a catch.
  • The movie shows a group of westerners who board a plane which is unfortunately hijacked and it crash-landed in a remote area in the Himalayan Mountains.
  • They were miraculously saved by some of the Tibetans’ that resided there and taken to the middle of the mountain haven where it was a beautiful haven with a sunny and temperate climate.
  • The movie introduces this place as Shangri la where everything is perfect and exactly how a heaven is supposed to be. After this movie, the Shangri la became a universal famous word for any distant place where you can get everything you want here.

And, Bhutan has miraculously become a hotspot of nature lovers who visit Bhutan to experience the rawness of the country which is no longer visible in other developed or developing countries. Amazingly beautiful Bhutan has conserved its resources so well and used its resources so wisely that Bhutan has been called the last Shangri La due to its richness and a sense of attachment the country has for its nature and environment.

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