Visit Khaling Wildlife Sanctuary to Dive into Bhutanese Rich Biodiversity

Visit Khaling Wildlife Sanctuary to Dive into Bhutanese Rich Biodiversity

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‘To those who have always wondered how they might best serve the wider world, wildlife conservation is one of the purest forms of giving.’

In today’s world where the human’s greed to acquire the world has resulted in horrifying results, the victims have been the environment as well as the animals. In such a world, the animals are not safe even in their natural & own habitat.

And Wildlife Sanctuaries Are In Their Rescue…

Sanctuaries are one such solution to this problem as they provide protection to animal species from hunting, poaching, predation and so on by human activities.

In short, for Animals’, these sanctuaries are nothing less than a blessing.

One such sanctuary is the Khaling Wildlife Sanctuary of Bhutan.

Let’s Know About It First…

Located in the Samdrup Jongkhar District, Khaling Wildlife Sanctuary is one of the well-maintained sanctuaries in Bhutan that make your wildlife safari is remarkable. Though this wildlife sanctuary is the smallest, the reserve is fully occupied with lush greenery and natural beauty that will surely blow your mind.

Some Noteworthy Features of It…

Occupying a minimal area 300 of square kilometer, the features of Khaling Wildlife Sanctuary are-

•    It has an elevation range between 400 meters and 2,200 meters.

•    As this sanctuary is located in Southern Bhutan, it shares the southern border with Assam and half of its territory with a wildlife sanctuary of the same name in Assam, India too.

•    The rivers flowing through it which add more beauty to this place.

Wait! More to Explore…

Khaling Wildlife Sanctuary is home to-

Some rare wildlife species like-

•    Pygmy Hog

•    Hispid Hare

•    Elephants

•    Gaur and many other animals of wildlife

Also acts as a home to some of rarest avian species including-

•    Chestnut-breasted partridge

•    Rufous-necked hornbill

With such rare bird species being spotted here, this wildlife sanctuary has even been marked as a major Bird Preservation site too! Amazing, no?

How to Reach Here?

By air- Firstly you have to board a flight from your town to Paro International Airport and then fly to Gelephu Airport, the domestic airport in Bhutan. Then you can take a rental car to reach your desired destination.

Distance from Gelephu Airport to Khaling Wildlife Sanctuary– 296 km

By rail- As there are no railtracks in Bhutan, you have to first reach New Jalpaiguri Railway Station (NJP). And then you can reach this sanctuary via Phuentsholing.

Stunning Places To See Nearby…

You should know a bit about the places to visit nearby if you plan to stay in the area for a bit longer, right? So, we have made out a list for you. Have a look!

1. National Parks

•    Orang National Park

•    Nameri National Park

2. Picturesque Places

•    Rupa

•    Bomdila

•    Nuranang Falls

3. Temples And Monasteries

•    Tawang Monastery

•    Umananda Temple

Totally mesmerizing, with the scenic mountains in the background Khaling Wildlife Sanctuary is worth visiting while in Bhutan. If you are a wildlife lover, then go ahead, Bhutan is waiting for you!

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