The various types of transportation available in Bhutan

The various types of transportation available in Bhutan

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Bhutan is a country known to be unique both environmentally and culturally. It lies in the Himalayan belt bordered by two superpowers India and China. It does not have access to the sea as it is a landlocked country.

Bhutan is a country that has allowed modern developments while carefully preserving their ancient customs and traditions. The beautiful landscape and the vibrant culture and tradition of the people make this country one of the most famous tourist attractions in the world.

You can visit the beautiful country of Bhutan by road or by air. Here is some information regarding the various transport facilities available in Bhutan

Capital: Thimphu

Area: 47000per square km

Time: GMT +6

Types of Transport in Bhutan

Road Transport

Road Transport in Bhutan

In the early days of Bhutan due to the lack of paved roads traveling was on foot till 1961. People used to travel on foot or on a mule or a horseback. The first paved road was completed in 1962 and after that many roads for transport were being made.

In the current time, the roads in Bhutan are one of the most sophisticated and well developed. You can also admire the beautiful scenery while traveling to Bhutan.

The national highway is one of the well-developed roads in Bhutan which goes up and down among the mountains and the clattering bridges.

Note: Roads can easily be blocked if there is a landslide or heavy snowfall so carry reading materials.

Local Transport

Local Transport(transportation available in Bhutan)

Taxi services are available in Paro, Thimphu, Jakar, and Phuentsholing. Some of the taxis have meters whereas some of them don’t.

The taxi drivers have a habit of charging more to Indians and Foreigners so it is advisable to know all rates and info’s before you visit the country.

Transport facilities for Tourists

For the tourists, comfortable surface transport is available making the journey to the beautiful country of Bhutan pleasant. The cars are some of the latest Land Cruisers, Japanese Toyota and Coaster buses.

The drivers are well trained and the tourists are bound to have a good time and they can enjoy the trip to Bhutan with comfort and ease.

Air Transport

Helicopter Service sightseeing and Transport

Helicopter Service sightseeing and Transport(transportation available in Bhutan)

The service officially started on November 11, 2015, it operates on-demand aerial sightseeing for tourists. The helicopter can carry up to 6 passengers. If you are adventurous and want to get an aerial view of the country then you should definitely try out the helicopter ride.

All the government officials in Bhutan use the helicopter for Transportation purposes

Name of the Operator: Royal Bhutan helicopter Service

Established:  2015

Type of Helicopter: H-130.

Total capacity: 6 passengers + 1 pilot.

Domestic and International Flights and Airports

Domestic and International Flights and Airports(transportation available in Bhutan)

Bhutan has four Airports among them Three are domestic and one is international. The airports are in such a location that it takes all the skills of an efficient pilot to land. The winds and bad weather may affect the landing and delay the flights.

Domestic airport: Gelephu, Bathpalathang, Yongphulla

International: Paro International Airport

Proposed Railway Transport

Bhutan has no railways service available but there have been talks concerning the need for Railways in Bhutan both by the king of Bhutan and the Prime minister of India.

News has been spread that there a plan has been approved to build an 11mile long rail link between Hasimara to Toribari.


Bhutan has been continuously developing at a rapid rate. The unique thing about the country is that it allows modern developments while carefully embracing their ancient customs and traditions.

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