Top 8 Unusual Things to Do In Bhutan That Give You Unlimited Fun

Top 8 Unusual Things to Do In Bhutan That Give You Unlimited Fun

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A Few Words on Bhutan- ‘The Last Shangri La’

Bhutan, also known as ’the land of thunder dragon’ is a landlocked country which shares its border between the neighboring countries, China & India. The wholesome climate, the breathtaking mountain views, and the serene monasteries may seem a cliched way to describe the magnificent beauty of Bhutan, but each word used for this mesmerizing country is in its purest form. We can assure you that visiting and exploring Bhutan can be a wonderful experience for you, something you will never forget. The serene place is decked up with some of the most beautiful mountain peaks and also is flanked by flourishing streams. Furthermore, it has the most bewitching forest trails ever explored by man. With a unique blend of cultural life as well as modern life, Bhutan attracts many people from all over the world.

Popular unusual things you may do or can find in Bhutan-

Bhutan is being endowed with awe-inspiring landscapes, rich culture and smiling people, this mystical country seems to be known as the happiest place on earth. It even created the Gross National Happiness index to measure the country’s success as well as happiness. To increase your interest more about this serene country, here we provide more unusual things about Bhutan that will be sure to put a smile on your face and make a must visit spot for you:

1. Commencing on a devotional journey to the Tiger’s Nest:


A visit to Bhutan is incomplete without trekking up to the Tiger’s Nest Monastery, which is located at an elevation of 900m above Paro Valley. This ancient monastery is considered one of its most sacred religious sites. Once you have made the steep by climbing up through the shady green pine forests and over a sparkling waterfall, you should stop along the way to explore the serene temples as well as the meditation caves. You should not leave this holy monastery before receiving a blessing from a monk which will give you the feeling of being enlightened.

2. Hike the Adventurous Snowman Trail:


The Snowman Trek is one of the hardest high-altitude treks in Bhutan which cover almost 216-mile starts from Gunitsawa Village in Paro Valley and will end in Sephu of Trongsa. During this trekking activity, you will come crosses several high passes, explore Lunana (one of the remotest inhabited valleys on earth), and visits the fabled villages of Laya and Thanza. This challenging trek is known as the Holy Grail which offers you a lifetime opportunity to experience mind-boggling views of high mountain peaks.

3. Fill your soul with a Bhutanese bathing ritual:

Drawing attention on both Indian Ayurveda practices as well as the traditional medicine the bathing ritual of locals can be experienced all over Bhutan which is not to be missed. After an exhausting hiking trail in the mountains, you can soothe your soul as well as aching limbs by drenching in a wooden tub filled with a mix of river water, Artemisia leaves and fire-roasted river stones. This enchanted ritual takes place in a local farmer’s resort where you can also witness the eye-catching views of the Himalayan peaks.

4. Explore the rural life and taste the local cuisine in a homestay:


It is well known that the rural life in Bhutan has remained unchanged for centuries. And if you want to get a glimpse of the simple daily life of a typical Bhutanese family it is considered that you must stay at a local homestay of the farmers which is scattered across the countryside. By staying in a homestay, you’ll have the chance to work with farmers and taste the mouthwatering cuisines including the national dish ema datshi, a unique blend of chilies and cheese.

5. Explore the world’s only capital without traffic lights:


When you walk through the delightful city of Thimphu, you will witness there are no traffic lights in this place, the only capital in the world without the traffic light. It is the place where you can explore a blend of traditional cultural life and modern nightlife. There are also vibrant shops, the colorful weekend market and the holy Buddha Dordenma Statue to see.

6. Get a glance of Blue Sheep and Red Pandas:


Bhutan is home to a wide variety of endangered as well as rare animals which are found in many national parks and wildlife sanctuaries. Here, you can explore the national animal Takin, blue sheep, red pandas, black-necked crane etc. With these colorful animals and birds, Bhutan is an ideal place for the animal lovers too.

7. A glimpse of Bhutan’s finest architecture:


Visiting some of the most awe-inspiring Dzongs in Bhutan is must be included in your tour itinerary. These old-aged fortresses showcase the country’s intellectual heritage as well as the traditions. Among them, the most popular ones are-

  • Trongsa Dzong, which soars over a ravine above the Mangde Chhu River.
  • Punakha Dzong which is also known as The Palace of Happiness lies at the confluence of the Mo Chhu and Pho Chhu rivers. In spring, this fortress looks vibrantly colorful as this time the jacaranda trees are in full bloom around its towering whitewashed walls.

8. Witness a mesmerizing masked dance between gods and demons:


Tshechu is a religious festival of Bhutan which offers the visitors by giving them the opportunity to indulge in the country’s rich culture. Each festival features colorful masked dancer as well as the folk songs, which signifies a sacred war dance between gods and terrifying demons. It attracts a huge number of tourists and provides great insight into Bhutanese culture.

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Popular FAQs-

Q. What are the most thrilling adventure activities in Bhutan?

A. Paragliding, Rock Climbing, River-Rafting, Rock Climbing etc are the name of a few thrilling adventure activities that give you an adrenaline rush.

Q. Is there any visa needed for Indians for a Bhutan trip?

A. No, there is no need of any visa for Indians for a Bhutan trip. Indians only require a passport, a valid Voter ID-Card along with two passport size photos.

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