Top 10 Incredible Secret Places in Bhutan That Travelers Don’t Know About

Top 10 Incredible Secret Places in Bhutan That Travelers Don’t Know About

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Bhutan, ‘the land of thunder dragon’ is being endowed with astonishing landscapes, the green lush valleys, and glittering lakes; it is considered one of the most beautiful countries in the world. It is the country known to be preserved in the philosophy of Gross National Happiness. From the spellbinding views of high mountain peaks, tranquil monasteries, litter-free road routes, unexplored nature trails, and thrilling adventure activities –Bhutan has everything good in stock. If you are looking for some places which inspire, excite and make you gaze in admiration, then there is no place better than Bhutan. This serene country is rejuvenating every time with the sounds of Dzong bells ringing in the distance and it embodies the spirit of peace and serenity. It is a country which cherishes its history and its traditions. The people are friendly, calm and helpful.

Access to Bhutan:

By air: The easiest way to reach Bhutan is to take a flight from your nearest airport to Paro International Airport. And, after arrival, you can opt for a hired taxi or rental car to reach your desired destinations in Bhutan.

By rail: The nearest Railway Station is New Jalpaiguri Railway Station and there, you will get several hired taxies or rental cars to reach Bhutan.

Exploring secret places in Bhutan that you cannot afford to miss-

If you love snow-capped mountains and dense forests, Bhutan probably features high on your bucket list. This country seems to be a paradise and is just as famous for its pristine beauty and culture. While you can explore all the popular places of Bhutan sightseeing during your trip, there are lots of places waiting to be discovered in the “The Last Shangri-La”. You can also choose to visit secret places, stores, and restaurants for a more eclectic holiday. Here, we are giving you a complete list of lesser-known places in Bhutan that will make your itinerary even more exciting:

1. Lama Tshering Dorji General Shop, Paro:


It is one of famous place included in the list of secret places to uncover in Bhutan. This monks’ supply shop is one of several in Paro with a variety of interesting things. Here, you will get several souvenirs to take back home with you such as-

  • Amulets
  • Divination Dice
  • Prayer Flags
  • Butter Lamps
  • Khuru Darts
  • Bamboo Arrows

Best time to visit- Throughout the year

2. Kila Nunnery, Paro:


This Nunnery was being established in the 9th century known to be the oldest nunnery in Bhutan and serve as a meditation site for everyone. With 50 nuns pursuing higher studies in Buddhism, this place is a must-visit for its serenity and architecture. Combine a visit to the nunnery with an hour-long hike beginning at Chele La and passing through forests, prayer flags and chortens.


Elevation: 3350mt

Best time to visit- March to May and September to November

3. Champaca Cafe, Paro:


If you’re looking for a cozy little cafe to enjoy a delicious cup of coffee with your friends or with your better half while munching on yummy snacks, head to Champaca Cafe for your fill of food and beverages. With a reputation for good grub at pocket-friendly prices, it’s just the place to unwind in after a long day of sightseeing. Tuck into delectable eatables, log onto free WiFi, play a board game or two, or simply soak in the ambiance.


Contact Number-   +97577212057

Best time to visit- Evening time is the best time to hang out with friends in this cafe

4. Philatelic Bureau, Thimphu:


If you’re a stamp-collector, this is the right place to load up on first-edition stamp sets. At first glance, a post office may seem like an unlikely place to offer something interesting, but this one delivers something unique – a personalized set of stamps. If you take along your best digital photograph or get a picture taken on the spot, the staff will print them out on a set of stamps. Apart from this, you can buy a bunch of postcards for your friends to take back home.


Distance from Paro to Thimphu- 50.8 km

Price of the picture to be printed- INR 200

5. Phobjikha Valley:


It is an ideal place for the bird-watchers and also for wildlife enthusiasts who trek to the Phobjikha. It is a bow-shaped glacial valley situated on the slopes of the Black Mountains, right on the border of the Jigme Singye Wangchuck National Park. Flocks of black-necked cranes spend the winters here, making the place an important wildlife sanctuary in Bhutan. Here, you can also spot wild animals like-

  • The Sambar Deer
  • Barking Deer
  • Himalayan Black Bear
  • Red Foxes
  • Leopards


Distance from Thimphu- 142 km

Elevation- 3000mt

Best time to visit- October to November

6. Haa Valley:


A visit to Bhutan cannot be complete without getting a glimpse of culturally rich and picturesque HAA Valley. This valley adjoins the 3 districts of Samtse, Paro, and Chukha and covers almost an area of 1706 sq. km. This region is known for being the traditional home for the famous Dorji family. Haa Valley seems to be a paradise of beauty for the nature lovers as its diversity in flora and fauna is unparalleled.


Distance from Phobjikha- 110km

Best time to visit- summer

Festival– Haa summer festival

Flower– White Poppy & Rhododendron

7.  Lheunste:


If you’re looking to spin your holiday around nature escapes, Lheunste must definitely feature on your list. Known for its rugged mountains, spectacular views, verdant forests and magnificent cliffs, this was once home to Bhutan’s royal family. A place that still doesn’t feature on the tourist trail, Lheunste is also known for its textile traditions and the many sacred sites.


Distance from Haa Valley- 203 km

Elevation– 1400mt

Best time to visit- November to April

8. National Handloom Development Project, Trashigang:


It is one of the places in Bhutan you must visit to explore the traditional woven fabrics. This project is operated by the National Women’s Association of Bhutan which outsources weaving projects to more than 400 villagers to create the beautiful hand-woven fabric with traditional patterns that are sold in Paro, Thimphu, and Bumthang. You can choose from 300 samples, and also learn about different plants that are used to make natural dyes.


Distance from Lheunste- 68.6 km

Elevation– 3200mt

9. Mongar:


Located on the road between Thimphu and Trashigang, lies this small district of Mongar, home to some of the newest Dzongs in Bhutan. Built as early as the 1930s, these Dzongs maintain the traditional style of architecture and were built using the same methods, where nails and drawings were not used in construction. The scenic surroundings are a bonus to the awe-inspiring architecture. There is temple present known as Yagang Lhakhang, is famous for-

  • Treasures
  • Masks
  • Musical instruments
  • Artifacts of great historical value


Distance from Trashigang- 74.5 km

Elevation– 1600mt

10. Samtse:


The Samtse District of Bhutan has a culture and geography which is quite different from the rest of the country. With a great influence of the Nepalese people, the culture of this district leans predominantly towards Hindu values. One of the lowest lying areas of Bhutan, the diverse cultures makes Samtse unique with a very interesting character.


Distance from Mongar – 650 km

Elevation– 259mt

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Popular FAQs-

Q. What are the best restaurants in Bhutan for getting Indian food?

A. Sonam Trophel Restaurant, Chula Restaurant, Zen Restaurant etc are some of the best restaurants in Bhutan where you will get the most delicious Indian food.

Q. What is the timing of the Haa Summer Festival?

A. Haa Summer Festival is organized in July month at every year. In 2019, this festival will be held on 13th July and end will on 14th July.


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