Things You Must Know Before Coming to Bhutan

Things You Must Know Before Coming to Bhutan


Flying into Bhutan isn't easy, but with rugged roads, high altitudes and spicy dishes, these obstacles make travelling around Bhutan astonishing. Here's what you need to know before you travel to Bhutan!

Navigate your way to the most beautiful country!!

Located between the countries of China and India, this nation of Bhutan has no traffic lights. It focuses on the citizens' happiness levels instead of Gross National Product. So, you must plan a visit now with Bhutan tour packages before the huge roads and big city issues like pollution come in this incredible country.

Flight facts:

Due to unpredictable weather conditions, flights to Bhutan are also depended upon weather. All take-offs and landings are based on pilot's visuality. Flights do not operate at night due to poor conditions so it can get delayed at times.

Need for visa:

Except for Indians, Bangladeshis, and Maldivians, all other countries need a visa to enter Bhutan. However, at the entry point, you need to obtain a permit. Also, show passport clearance to complete all the formalities before a Bhutan vacation.

You can also tell your travel agency to obtain you a permit before booking Bhutan tour packages.

Spotty internet connections:

There are two network providers for mobile in Bhutan: B-Mobile SIM and TashiCell. You can ask your local guide to help you get the SIM on arriving in Bhutan. The connectivity might be on and off but still, it is one of the best things in Bhutan.

Dress appropriately:

Dzong is an ancient fortress with towers, courtyards, and administrative offices. Before entering a Dzong you need to dress properly. Surely the traditional Gho or Kira cannot be worn, but you must cover your arms and legs with long-sleeves.

Guided tours only:

As travelling can only be done with a registered guide, which means a local will accompany you. If you hate this idea, then a piece of information! In such a lonely land, having a local guide to help you see Bhutan is essential to understand this alluring destination.

Expect really spicy food:

Bhutanese believe that without chilli their meal is incomplete. So, they eat chilli all the three times of the day. If you are too onto this, then it will surely make you feel like heaven. If not, then you can tell them to prepare non-spicy foods.

Even though it is an expensive country, Bhutan tour packages will make you believe in visiting and spending as much time as you can. Is Bhutan on your travel bucket list? Book your tickets now!

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