Things to know before you go to Bhutan

Things to know before you go to Bhutan

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Bhutan’s popularity has increased tremendously in just a matter of few years and the number of visitors has been rising upright since. Bhutan always has been a clean and environment-friendly kingdom which has developed at a pace without affecting its resources. The quality of air once you enter Bhutan and the undeniable beauty of the kingdom is something travelers make a tiresome journey for.

A good package and some knowledge about a new place combined make your vacation a lovely experience. Ignorance can really be bliss sometimes. Let us discuss some major problems that are discussed by travelers online.

Some frequently asked questions:

1. Do I need a VISA to enter Bhutan?

Indian nationals intending to visit Bhutan are required to carry either

(a) Valid Indian Passport having a validity of minimum 6 months;

(b) Voter Identity Card, issued by the Election Commission of India.

All foreigners except the citizens of Bangladesh, India, and the Maldives must obtain a visa before visiting Bhutan.

2. Which Mobile Networks works in Bhutan?

In Bhutan, only Airtel on international roaming works inside Bhutan. The call charges are according to international rates yet local networks like but call charges are similar to those of any European country. It is better to get a local B-Mobile or Tashi cell connection which works everywhere in Bhutan after producing Passport or a Voter ID copy.

3. Can I book a Bhutan package from agencies outside Bhutan?

Yes you could avail a great package for yourself from any International agencies but you must make sure, they have a license to allow bookings for a tour to Bhutan.

4. Can I use the credit card or debit card inside Bhutan?

Currently, there is ATM facility in Bhutan but outsiders would not be able to use it if you do not have a Bhutan bank account. Yet some handicrafts shops may accept credit cards.

5. Is there an airport in Bhutan?

The only international airport in Bhutan is located at Paro. Currently, two airlines Drukair and Bhutan Airlines operate flights to Bhutan. The departure points include Bangkok, Kathmandu, New Delhi, Kolkata, Dhaka, Yangon, and Singapore.

Bhutan – a booming tourist destination

Traveling to Bhutan is a special privilege and an adventure of a lifetime. Unless you are traveling from India, a trip to Bhutan may really be an expensive affair. Yet its fresh air from its greenery and the beauty of the surrounding mountains makes it a must visit the place. There has been a huge interest for Bhutan packages and Bhutan Tour Packages in recent times which is all due to its sustainable development and untouched beauty. Bhutan tour might well be of great priority on your travel destinations checklist and here we would see some problems that have been troubling new travelers to Bhutan.

Tours and Independent Travel

The Kingdom of Bhutan has always been reserved about allowing visitors into the country. The kingdom amazingly did not allow foreign visitors and believed in self-sufficiency until 1974. Like other countries around the globe, the maintenance of their country is an equal responsibility of all and so outside settlers or refugees are not allowed and may never be allowed ever.

For traveling to Bhutan you can either opt for a travel VISA or whatever is needed according to their policy or you just need to be a guest of the government or some volunteer association.

Choosing the best options to travel to Bhutan

As discussed above, the Bhutan tour packages might just be the best cheap travel option for tourist who does not have a brief idea about Bhutan and its whereabouts. Bhutan Packages are available at budget costs from travel agents in Siliguri, Jaigoan and some major metro cities like Delhi and Kolkata. Bhutan packages from Delhi, honeymoon packages and discounted Bhutan tour package from Kolkata are easily available and can be booked after a brief comparison of rates. Bhutan tour packages from Siliguri are popular due to its connectivity to Phuentsholing, the Indian border with Bhutan.

Expert Opinions

Some tourist comes with an opinion that Bhutan tour packages are less costly and convenient if applied by a local travel agent in Bhutan, which is completely wrong. A brief research may, in turn, prove to be helpful in saving a few bucks for shopping some souvenirs to take back home. If you are traveling from outside India, Myanmar or Bangladesh your allocated cost per head may be counted in terms of Minimum Daily packages which range from 200$ to @50 $ per head according to the seasons. So traveling smart and save money wherever possible.

The currency of Bhutan and facilities of ATM

The currency of Bhutan (Bhutanese Ngultrum) is almost of the same value to Indian Rupees yet Indian notes are no longer used inside Bhutan like it did a few years ago. It is advised to carry your money in cash and convert at government money transfer agencies in major parts of Bhutan as ATM facilities are only restricted to people of Bhutan with local Bhutanese bank accounts yet some shops may accept credit cards for payment. Be cash ready rather than facing grave problems during your journey.

Why Bhutan?

The exquisite destinations like the Tiger’s Nest, Punakha Dzongs and some old monasteries and rivers like Mo Chhu are great reasons to visit Bhutan. The heritage of Bhutanese culture is very interesting and the cultures are rich and colorful. The HAA summer festival is a well-celebrated festival in Bhutan which happens during the end of July, in Bhutan. There are other events and festivals in Bhutan which are a unique once in a lifetime experience.

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