Ten of the Best Picks for your captivating Bhutan Trip

Ten of the Best Picks for your captivating Bhutan Trip


"Planning for a Bhutan tour? Find out how Bhutan will mesmerize you with its aura!"

Bhutan is a land of happiness. The local people are friendly and they get curious by seeing new travelers in their country.

Its long list of forts, monasteries, trekking spots and shopping areas are surely worth a visit. Known as the last Shangri-La, the entire country offers panoramic views.

So, offering such an abundance of sceneries and experiences, the tourist places of Bhutan must be featured in Bhutan tour list!

Surprising elements present here

Unique in numerous elements, Bhutan will surely drop your jaw!

  • Seasoned chillies
  • Red Rice
  • Religious paintings
  • Colourful festivals
  • Majestic mountains and valleys

Do not just think the country to be a normal sightseeing book. It is more than that with adventure activities.

  • Rafting
  • Trekking
  • Mountain biking
  • Rock Climbing
  • Archery

With some of the best tourist places in Bhutan, it will be the best reason to plan your trip TODAY!

Places not to miss out


Tiger's Nest Monastery



This monastery is tucked away in a mountain, amidst surreal nature. It is located in Paro and to reach there you have to trek. The trek will take you through dusty routes offering you beautiful views to gaze at.

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Opening hours: 8 am to 1 pm

2 pm to 6 pm

Key attractions: Cave temple and many small temples inside the monastery

Rinpung Dzong



Dzongs are monasteries and fortresses which hold a great significance in Bhutanese culture. It also offers a favourable delight to the travellers. Besides that, the impressive architecture will also leave you enchanted.

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Opening hours: 9 am to 5 pm

Key attractions: Beautiful temple and Buddhist wall paintings

Punakha Dzong



An epitome for the serenity, Punakha Dzong is one that Bhutan represents very proudly. Visiting the Dzong will take back in ancient time giving an insight into Bhutanese culture.

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Opening hours: 8 am to 5 pm

Key attractions: Intricate paintings and architecture of the fort

Buddha Dordenma Statue



Located atop on the hill, Buddha Dordenma has been popularly known for its 5.2 meters high Buddha statue! It can be seen from almost every corner of Thimphu. A vast stretch of land is also a beauty in itself.

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Key attractions: Smaller bronze and gold statues of Lord Buddha

Kuensel Phodrang Nature Park

Norzin Lam Street

Norzin Lam Street


The capital city is probably the most beautiful tourist places in Bhutan; Norzin Lam Street is an added attraction. These street shops are the hotspot of Thimphu and you will not return without shopping.

Something more!

  • Handmade textiles
  • Traditional dresses-Gho and Kira
  • Wooden items
  • Handmade carpets

Are you on the verge of visiting the happy neighbouring country? Then just plan, pack and start!

Share your experiences below!

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