Solo bike trip to the land of Bhutan to overcome depression!

Solo bike trip to the land of Bhutan to overcome depression!

February 18, 2019 0 By the-admin

“There are wounds that never show on the body but are deeper and hurt more than anything that bleeds.”

Depression is a condition just like any other. You heard that right.  It also can be cured if those affected people can find the best recreation and the right ambiance that they really need.

It makes very difficult for a person to do something or to take any action. Moreover, when a person goes through that phase they feel like losing their all emotions from their life.

Do you know the best way to overcome your depression? Bike trip!

A depressed person doesn’t have control over their thoughts but at some point of time, you have to either surrender or fight it out. Hence, the best way is to pack your bags and go on a solo bike trip and no other place is better than the Himalayan kingdom of Bhutan.

Why Bhutan!

Bhutan is an ultimate biker’s paradise. Known for its stunning landscapes, legendary temples, fortresses, spicy foods, colourful festivals, and its authenticity, this kingdom will surely lure your senses. The charms of this isolated kingdom will give a new meaning to live your life and help you fight your depression for sure.

So, a solo bike trip to the little kingdom of Bhutan must be taken for sure.

Interesting facts to be known!

Surprisingly, even after travelling you might not know the actual facts of Bhutan and its magic. So let us help you know about it!

  • Land of Thunder Dragon
  • Measuring Gross National Happiness
  • No smoking
  • No traffic lights
  • Carbon-free country
  • Last country to introduce TV and the Internet

How do Bhutan and its solitude help you recover?

  1. Peace through monasteries

Along with its modernity, Bhutan has also preserved its traditionalism through the various tourist attractions. The tranquil monasteries like Tiger’s Nest Monastery, National Memorial Chorten, Tango Monastery and many others will soothe your soul and make your journey peaceful.

  • Preserved greenery!

Being the only carbon negative country, Bhutan has a huge amount of forests covered here.  The stunning greenery, pollution-free skies, and fresh mountain air make Bhutan the most beautiful country in the world.

  • Rich festivals!

With festivals and cultural diversity, Bhutan has many religious colourful festivals to celebrate. These festivals are lively and amazing where people share happiness and joy by gathering and celebrating each festival.

  • Warm and friendly people!

The Bhutanese are some of the friendliest people that you can meet anywhere in the world. Bhutanese love helping travellers to uncover beauty. As locals possess strong religious beliefs, you can always feel safe in this country.

It is true that travel is the best teacher after life!

Depression is a serious condition but Bhutan’s beauty and magnificence will surely help you in overcoming from your life’s biggest struggle. So, if you are ready then plan your Bhutan trip to enjoy the happiness of freedom!

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