Prepare yourself for the trip to the amazing Bhutan – Do’s and Don’ts in Bhutan

Prepare yourself for the trip to the amazing Bhutan – Do’s and Don’ts in Bhutan

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Traveling is fun, especially when the destination is Bhutan

Bhutan has been serving as a tourist destination since ages but the government has created new rules and regulations in order to preserve the authenticity and wellness of the country and the citizens. It is one of those countries which are preferred by honeymooners, nature lovers as well as families as Bhutan is blessed with mesmerizing sightseeing destinations.

Along with that, Bhutan is the only country to have adopted happiness as an integral part of their life that means one who needs a vacation to get some refreshment amidst the pristine nature and true beauty of hill station, Bhutan is the place for them to get rejuvenated. However, the government of Bhutan has put some restrictions over tourism and it’s not quite cheap to travel to Bhutan but “The Land of Thunder Dragons” deserves every penny of it.

The importance of a tour operator for Bhutan Tour:

During a trip to Bhutan, one must be aware of the rules and regulations and the do’s and don’ts so that they do not face any sort of hassle during their Bhutan holidays. Now for Tours & holidays in Bhutan, you should consult a tour operator who serves you with the best packages to the magical country of Bhutan at reasonable rates. Along with that, they provide you all the necessary information associated with Bhutan tourism and their guide always stay with you to offer you a hassle-free journey.

Still, you should know the do’s and don’ts in Bhutan to stay updated and enjoy a smooth trip to the magical Bhutan.

Do’s In Bhutan:

1-Get a visa clearance:

Only the citizens of India, Bangladesh, and the Maldives do not require a visa to travel to Bhutan. If you are not from the trio, then make sure that you have a visa clearance before boarding the flight to Bhutan.

2-Dress moderately:

It is mandated by the government of Bhutan to cover all visible parts of the body while visiting a religious place. Men and women should wear full trousers and collared shirts and anything that restricts the visibility of any bare skin.

3-Carry cash:

Most of the shops in Bhutan do not accept cards hence it is advised to carry enough cash during a trip to Bhutan.

4-Follow the tour guide:

Your tour guide is the one upon whom you have to rely for your trip. So, always follow his instructions and respond to him.

5-Respect the older people:

While in Bhutan, you must be well-behaved with the older people and treat them with respect.

6-Register your valuables:

It is necessary to register all the electronics and other valuables while entering Bhutan so that you can take them back with you. Since Bhutan government does not allow exportation of antiques of the country and any unregistered object is likely to be ceased.

7-Remove your hats and caps:

Whenever you are entering a monastery or Dzong in Bhutan, do remember to remove your hat, cap or any sort of head wares (even umbrella) including sunglasses.

8-Avoid negative comments:

While in Bhutan, do avoid to utter any negative comment on the religion or the Royal Family of Bhutan.

Don’ts in Bhutan:

1-Avoid tobacco:

Bhutan is a tobacco-free country that means selling of tobacco and smoking in public is strictly prohibited in Bhutan and travelers are allowed to take only 100 cigarettes into the country.

2-Do not wear skin revealing dress:

Bhutan is the Last Shangri La where religion has immense importance hence do not wear skin revealing dresses in Bhutan especially when in monasteries or temples.

3-Don’t use a finger to point to something:

It is advised not to use a finger to indicate someone or something, especially sacred places. And use your right or both hands to give or receive things.

4-Don’t spoil the cleanliness of the lakes:

Most of the lakes are considered to be sacred and throwing trashes, washing or swimming is strictly prohibited.

5-Do not wear shoes in temples:

You must not forget this as monasteries and temples are considered to be very holy hence no one can enter them with shoes on. Do not forget to remove your footwear like socks before entering.

Traveling helps you to be satisfied so book a package and start traveling!!

Since traveling is the only thing that makes you rich and modest so go and see all you possibly can. It’s time to get away hence travel the world to conquer space and time.

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