Planning an adventure trip to Bhutan from India with friends

Planning an adventure trip to Bhutan from India with friends

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Bhutan is a Kingdom whose beauty needs no introduction and its measures to preserve its culture and nature is appreciated worldwide. The Prime Minister of Bhutan, on a global platform once declared that Gross Domestic Happiness is more important to Bhutan than their GDP. When people tried to dig deep into this, the beauty and protective measures of Bhutan became widely viral in no time. The interactive effort of the Management and the people of Bhutan amazed us all and projected new standards of development without much foreign interference.

Open to tourist from 1974

The Kingdom of Bhutan shares its borders with India and also share good relations. A trip to Bhutan has been gaining a lot of interest among Indian population and the non-requirement of VISA to enter Bhutan just cements the decision of Indian Tourist to visit Bhutan. This is a great advantage to Indians as the cost of traveling to Bhutan from India is comparatively lower than any other country worldwide. Let us discuss some tips on Bhutan adventure travel and things to do in Bhutan.

Entry into Bhutan

Due to lack of major advertisements of Bhutan packages or Bhutan adventures, some travelers are completely clueless about how to plan a trip to Bhutan from India. Reaching Bhutan is not so complicated as you may think it is. The border of Bhutan is well connected by road and rail and also through the air.

By Train: The nearest railway station that connects major cities throughout India would be NJP, in Siliguri. There are weekly trains from South India, North India and the western states of India. It must be understood that to reach Bhutan, one must first make provision to reach NJP railway station which is around 150 km or around 4 hours of road trip.

By Air: The Paro International airport in Bhutan is well connected to major cities in India like Delhi, Bagdogra, Kolkata and few others through the two operating airlines, The Druk Air and Bhutan airlines. You can easily avail a ticket to Bhutan from any of the nearest airports that fly to Bhutan.

The time of the year that makes your Bhutan trip a better experience

Bhutan is a beautiful country that has around 60 percent of untouched forest cover which is protected by the laws that were created for a green and clean Bhutan. The orchids and Rhododendrons decorate the already beautiful Bhutan yet there are few specific months when the number of travelers to Bhutan is more than usual.

  • Spring- March, April, and May

During spring nature is at its best with rich orchids and flowers making Bhutan much more beautiful.

  • Festive- September, October, and November

These months experience huge tourist numbers due to its festive environment with festivals like Black-necked crane festival which is a grand affair. You are treated to the view of endless golden rice fields which are ready to be harvested.

  • Summer – June, July, and August

The torture of summer throughout India is one prime reason why people come in during these hot summer months to spend some time to a pleasant weather with ease.

Is VISA required while on a trip to Bhutan with Friends?

There is a huge confusion about the requirement of VISA for Indians to enter Bhutan. Firstly it must be known that people from India, Bangladesh, and the Maldives are exempted from VISA and can enter Bhutan after producing their voters I.D which has at least 6 months of validity. The nonrequirement of VISA charges also makes Bhutan an affordable destination for Indian travelers in groups. It must be noted that a booking confirmation from the hotel is needed to be allowed any permits that you may require while you travel deeper into Bhutan.

The type of packages that you can opt for a budget trip

While you are on a dream vacation to Bhutan with your friends you would have already saved a fortune due to VISA exemptions but there are few types of packages that could help you save some more especially when in a group with friends:

The type of package you can choose for an affordable experience

  1. CP Plan

Includes bed & breakfast on a twin share basis including transport/sightseeing along with a tour guide

  1. MAP

Twin share accommodation inclusive of 1 major meals /transport /sightseeing along with an experienced tour guide.

  1. APAI

Full board services with twin share accommodation, complete meals/ Transport /sightseeing with an experienced tour guide

How about a bike ride to Bhutan with friends?

The Indians are allowed to enter Bhutan on their bikes after producing necessary bike documents and license at the check post or border. Riding your bike with friends or a road trip to Bhutan is definitely a dream comes true and so the traffic of Indian bikers opting for a bike ride to Bhutan has been huge in these recent years. However, it must be known that your hotels, catering, and taxes should be fixed while you enter Bhutan. Producing such documents or proof of hotel booking and payments are necessary to avoid unnecessary hassle-free bike ride to Bhutan.

The adventure activities in Bhutan that need courage

Life itself is an adventure yet some seek additional adventure in life by indulging in activities that seek courage. Bhutan is a peaceful travel destination but has something in store for adventure seekers also. The adventure sports in Bhutan are another factor that draws travelers here besides other fun things to do in Bhutan. While in Bhutan you can experience few of the nerve-wracking adventure activities like:

  • Rafting
  • Kayaking
  • Cycling
  • Trekking
  • Mountain adventures
  • Rock climbing

You can also apply your Bhutan Travel package from any of the Indian registered agents that offer best Bhutan packages from India. The decision to choose lies solely upon you but you must check if the travel agent has been registered to book a valid Bhutan Tour packages for you according to the norms of the Bhutan Tourism.

Tips to enhance your Bhutan tour experience:

  1. Decide your place of stay beforehand as Bhutan is a country where a lot of walking and trekking has to be done while visiting some major attractive places so your place of stay must be of quality standards.
  2. Know the traveling charges during different months as rates may be fluctuating throughout the year.
  3. Traveling in a group with your friends can be helpful as more bulk bookings are liable for additional discounts.
  4. Know the seasons well and packs your bags according to the climatic conditions you are due to experience.
  5. Time your arrival during the festive seasons as Bhutan becomes much more bright and colorful during their festive months.

Don’t be late for a Bhutan experience

Traveling is a great way of understanding yourself better and Bhutan is the best option to attain a unique experience and the presence of the company is set to make it an experience of a lifetime for all of you.

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