Paro International Airport - The First Choice of Bhutan Tour Operators

Paro International Airport - The First Choice of Bhutan Tour Operators


"Did you know that Paro Airport is one of the most well-known airports of the world?"

Why inquiring?

Since Paro International Airport is one of the only functional airports in Bhutan. Are you surprised? We were too, but not for too long! After all, Bhutan is a really tiny kingdom with four airports. It also offers true happiness to the people of the nation. Paro sightseeing packages will be incomplete if it doesn't include a landing in one of the most scenic airport in the world.

Getting idea about the incredible airport!!

Paro airport-min


Being the only international airport of Bhutan, Paro International Airport is bordered along the banks of Paro Chhu River. It is also considered as one of the most challenging airports. Without going into further discussion, let us give you a short introduction. Make sure that your Bhutan honeymoon tour package does include a landing here in this beautiful airport.

  • 1,964-meter long asphalt runway.
  • It is operated by three airlines- Bhutan Airlines, Buddha Air, Druk Air.
  • It has one passenger terminal, one cargo terminal, and two aircraft stands.
  • With undulating terrains, a few certified pilots can fly to the airport between sunrise and sunset.

Do you know...Paro airport came to be known as the fourth flight landing experience at Travel Plan with the Expert award!


Facilities enjoyed on the airport!!

  • Not being a modern airport, it has two simple buildings
  • One for the air traffic control tower and the other for check-in desk and departure lounge
  • The departure lounge has restaurants and shops to provide all the necessities

Documents required for flying!!

All the travellers except Indians are required to have certain documents at the time of arrival in Paro.

  • Valid Passport
  • Visa Approval letter
  • Booking confirmation of the Bhutan tour

Astonishing travel experience!!

Your Bhutan honeymoon tour package will give you a phenomenal experience to the captivating beauty which begins even before you arrive at the airport. You can even witness the breathtaking views of the snow-capped Himalayan mountain ranges.

Nearby hotspots you can explore with Paro sightseeing packages.

  • Paro Airport Bird's Eye View Point
  • Kyichu Lhakhang
  • Jangtsa Dumtseg Lhakhang

Wow! Such a bountiful beauty!

Blessings for Bhutan tour operators!!

Situated in a deep valley on the banks of Paro River, Paro International Airport is just six kilometers away from the city. Our Paro sightseeing packages are deemed to make the whole journey simple and something which brings you eternal happiness and satisfaction.

Here are some updates about this beautiful Airport.

  • The airport has a runway of 6445 feet long.
  • The flights will land only during the day when the visibility is clear.
  • If weather conditions change then flights can be diverted to neighbouring airports.
  • The surrounding peaks of Paro International Airport are 18,000 feet high.

Your Bhutan tour operator will always be there to offer you affordable packages including Bhutan honeymoon tour package for you to have an astounding experience here.

Book your flight soon and explore the unmatchable beauty of Bhutan on your trip!


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