Paragliding in Bhutan -10 Safety Measures You Must Follow

Paragliding in Bhutan -10 Safety Measures You Must Follow

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Paragliding in Bhutan gets more interesting when you are The mysterious kingdom of Bhutan is one of the difficult places to visit in the world as it is geographically isolated and landlocked by Tibet, Nepal, and India.

Evoking the sense of mystery and awe, Bhutan has imposed certain rules and regulations for accessing its domain and has even put restrictions on the number of visitors.

Endowed by the diverse landscapes, most of them comprising of lofty and steep highlands and peaks, this diversity offers a plethora of adventure activities in Bhutan.


A delight to the adventure seekers and the quest for the pilgrims, there is no other place on earth like Bhutan. Ranging from trekking on the loftiest and toughest trails to the white water rafting adventures in the glacial rapids, the most thrilling adventure activity gaining significance and anticipation is paragliding in Bhutan.

The extreme elevations with steep peaks and highlands with vast and even valley base favor paragliding adventures in Bhutan.

There are plenty of agencies that operate and organize all kinds of Bhutan adventure travel for the travelers seeking the element for an adrenaline rush. Paragliding in Bhutan ranks as one of the preferred adventure activities in Bhutan followed by trekking,

wildlife camping, rafting, and pilgrimage tours.  Bhutan is a makes an excellent destination for the adventure freaks.

Paragliding in Bhutan -10 Safety Measures You Must Follow

If you want to enjoy the aerial view Bhutan from above, from a completely different perspective, then venture in paragliding trip in Bhutan. Bhutan adventure tours are commenced all year round,

except for the monsoons, windy and cloudy days, and paragliding is one of the most sought-after activities in Bhutan.

Join the flyers from across the world and witness the jaw-dropping panorama of mountains, valleys, and the realm with doting golden monasteries and Dzongs. Flying is ideal in September and October,

as the monsoon, storms,  and snow make flying impossible. Paragliding adventure promises flying over the valleys rarely seen by anyone, the forest that is never seen as a foot,

and the most mysterious corners of the country.

Before paragliding in Bhutan, every paraglider should follow the safety precautions in order to prevent serious damage.

So here are the 10 Safety measures that every amateur and experienced paraglider should keep in mind always.

1. Care to follow the protocols, instructions, and basic rules before indulging in paragliding in Bhutan. Negligence and carelessness may cause grave damage and accidents.


2. If you want to indulge in paragliding in Bhutan, then you should either join a club or, avail help from a registered and licensed paraglider. There are many agencies who organize Bhutan adventure tours, like paragliding by collaborating with the finest and certified paragliders of the country.


3. Amateur paragliders should paraglide with an instructor. Do not even think that you can do it on your own as a first timer.  Flying alone is a big NO in Bhutan. You should always be accompanied by your instructor.


4.  You should wear proper equipment before flying.  Types of equipment like helmet, harness, boots, canopy, flight suit must be worn by anyone indulging in the flying activity.


5. If possible, we recommend you to buy your own personal equipment rather than wearing the same old equipment that is worn by many people before you do, that too for many times!


6. Pay heed to the weather. Paragliding during the rainfall and the stormy day is unfavorable. It’s better to learn the signs, as most of the accident occurs due to unfavorable weather conditions.


7. Don’t try to show off, as it may lead to serious accidents.  Do not exceed your limitations. Paragliding already is an adventure and you’ll certainly get the rush in adrenaline, better be cautious about where to draw the line. Do not push excessively.


8. Landing site should be clearly visible and accessible. You should use your legs for landing and most of the accidents happen due to irregular landing.  Its easier to manage a broken ankle or leg than to have a broken spine or a backbone.


9. We recommend you to carry a cutting object or a knife while paragliding, as you may never know when the time would arise when you need to set yourself free from the tangles of ropes, knots, and wires.


10. Take advice from an experienced paraglider. The ones who have flown many times would be the best guide to help you with the instructions regarding navigating, steering, launching off, landing, and various aspects of paragliding adventure activities in Bhutan.


Frequently Asked Questions:

Is Paragliding dangerous for those that are afraid of heights?

Any adventure activity has some rooted risk. Paragliding being an adventure sport is no exception.  With proper education and major awareness accompanied with a positive attitude and your own personal motivation,

Paragliding can give you excellent fun and an outstanding flying experience, devoid of danger.  With preventive measures and safety precautions, paragliding can provide the immeasurable joy of flying.

Do I need training for participating in paragliding in Bhutan?

You need to learn some basic skills in order to fly with your instructor. Besides, you need to be physically fit and shouldn’t be overweight. We recommend you to go for a thorough medical check-up before flying.

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