Masked Dance “The exotic part of Bhutan’s tradition”

Masked Dance “The exotic part of Bhutan’s tradition”

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Known as the mysterious country, Bhutan has eventually kept itself hidden from the rest of the world in order to protect its unique cultures and sacred traditions. The country is well-known for its mesmerizing pilgrims and explorers from around the globe. Apart from the enchanting landscapes, Dzongs, and monasteries, Bhutan has preserved its traditions.

Treasuring the traditions of Bhutan!

  • With the vibrant religious dances and festivals
  • Tshechus or annual festivals which are not to be missed
  • However, mask dances is the most preferable one here

So, while you book your Bhutan tour package do not forget to attend one of the mask dances!

Have you ever known about the importance of mask dances in Bhutan? If not, then here is what you must know!

1. Origin of mask dance!

The evolution of mask dances has been done in 3 periods:

  • First one was introduced by Guru Padmasambhava
  • Second was done by Saint Pema Lingpa
  • Third was by Zhabdrung Ngawang Namgyal, the founder of Bhutan

Mask dances are associated with a spiritual affair and it marks a great celebration through this.

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2. An epitome of spirituality, victory, prosperity, and joy!

Mask dances are performed in order to invoke all the legends. It is performed with full devotion along with drums, conch shells, horns and bells. It can be very entertaining but it symbolizes victory, wealth, and joy.

3. Significance to be aware of!

Dance and music are culturally important for the Bhutanese people. Mask dance or chamms are usually performed in Tshechus in Dzongs. These are important as it helps them know people more about their place, culture, and history.

4. Performances of mask dance!

Mask dance performances are immense. It is believed that a dancer gets purified when he performs, but women are not included. Bhutanese believe that their souls will get pure and good luck will be bestowed upon them. So, do not miss it at all!

5.  Different types of mask dances!

Chhams or religious mask dances has been classified into three groups:

  • Dramatic dances
  • Dances that protect people from evil spirits
  • One that celebrates victories

6. Performances to keep an eye on these days!

  • Mask dances are performed in Tshechus
  • The celebrations last for 3 days to a week
  • Tshechus are the most popular events of Bhutan with massive crowds
  • People attend the festivals on their best traditional attires

Let’s know about the major places of its performance!

So, prepare yourself to get blessings from mask dances. You can also avail cultural trip with the best Bhutan tour package from Siliguri at best deals offered!

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