Know about Bhutan for a family tour from frequenters who’ve been there!!

Know about Bhutan for a family tour from frequenters who’ve been there!!

September 20, 2018 0 By the-admin

“The best way to escape your difficulties is to start traveling with family”

Bhutan-a small landlocked country in the Himalayan region. Situated at an average altitude of 2,200 meters, it is a wonderful place to stay in. Throughout the year, thousands of travelers around the world come to visit Bhutan to witness its unique landscapes, diverse culture, and eye-catching destinations.

Those who have visited it solo or with families cannot resist themselves from visiting it again. And thus Bhutan has managed to be set as one of the most visited destinations around the globe. Those travelers have seldom shared their information and opinion that they gained during their trip to Bhutan which has been a helping hand to the visitors who plans a trip to Bhutan.

You are also up to a plan? But wait; do you know all the tricks and tips that can help in making your trip to Bhutan a smooth one?

If you don’t know, here the top tips and tricks for the magical country-Bhutan:

1. Did you know?


Bhutan is the only country to have set happiness as their national goal and it is also the last Shangri La which still is detached from the rest of the world without much to do with electronics and internet. They found happiness in every random thing and do not need an equipment to search for it. They respect their tradition, culture, and religion. Hence, you should remember to remove your shoe (or/and other footwear), cap, hat while entering a monastery or in front of the national flag of Bhutan.

2. What do you get when you book a tour package?

Frequenters recommend booking a tour package to Bhutan as it is the best way for a smooth and comfortable trip without any hassles. In a Bhutan tour package you get, visa, an experienced and licensed guide, skilled drivers, vehicles for transportation, accommodation, all meals etc. Book the best Bhutan family package from a local and reliable tour operator as they are one with all the relevant knowledge to stay safe while traveling to Bhutan. A self-customized trip can be full of headaches which some of the frequenters faced during their Bhutan tour.

3. How do you get to Bhutan?


There are a number of airports from where flights to Bhutan are available and that are-Kolkata, Bagdogra, Bangkok, Delhi, Dhaka, Bodh Gaya, Kathmandu, Singapore, and Mumbai. You can also enter Bhutan by road there are three entry gates in –Phuentsholing, Samdrup Jhonkhar, and Gelephu.  You get luxurious and well-maintained cars from your tour operator to travel to Bhutan discovering the road sightseeing. A trip to Bhutan can be easily arranged by a tour operator do not insist on making it complicated by arranging the whole trip by yourself.

4. What is the best time to visit Bhutan?

According to the frequenters, Bhutan is not suitable for traveling throughout the year as monsoon generally is very harsh in Bhutan. However, the months of September to December is considered to be the best time to visit Bhutan since the weather remains pleasant to roam within the country. March, April, and May are also said to be an ideal time to travel to Bhutan. Winters that is December to February generally remains frigid which is apt for only winter lovers.

5. What do you get to eat in Bhutan?


Bhutanese food is just yumm. The major aspect of Bhutanese cuisines is its spiciness. They consume a lot of chilies. Bhutanese people do not enjoy a meal that is not spicy. Apart from being spicy, Bhutanese food is delicious too. If you do not like the spiciness, then you can opt for your kind of food in hotels and restaurants as some of the frequenters (who are from the western countries) did.

6. What should you pack?


Frequenters say, “The best effective key to travel comfort is to not bring a lot and keep it simple” which means packing smartly. Now, Bhutan is literally chilled during the winters, and pleasant for the rest of the year. Hence while traveling to Bhutan you must pack-warm jackets, comfortable boots, heavy woolens for the winters and light woolens for the rest of the year, sunscreen, hat, sunglass, necessary medications etc.

7. Is there a limit on the number of tourists that can visit Bhutan?

Actually, there is no limit on the number of tourists to enter Bhutan each year. The government is interested in protecting the culture, natural environment, and tradition of Bhutan; hence they have adopted the policy, “High value, low impact tourism”. In spite of the high-value policy, you get one of a kind experience during Bhutan family tour. The per-day budget in Bhutan for tourists is $200 (during offseason) and $250 (during pick season) hence fix your budget and explore the best of it.

Because they have been through!!

The above information is shared by people who have visited Bhutan more than once. It is true that Bhutan is a marvelous destination and one must visit it at least once on a lifetime whether for a family trip or a solo one. Visit it responsibly keeping the tips and tricks in mind.

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