How much does it cost to go to Bhutan?

How much does it cost to go to Bhutan?

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want to know the cost to go to Bhutan. we covered all the important points which help you to enjoy your trip to Bhutan

Money can’t isn’t everything, but it is something that gives you amazing perks like luxurious hotels, delicious meals, comfortable travel, and a fascinating holiday experience.

As far as traveling to Bhutan is concerned you need to be careful about the expense that you’re going to need during your travel.

Apart from the strict rules and the limited number of tourists permitted to enter the country, Bhutan has imposed a large scale of tourism fees for the travelers.

Holiday in Bhutan cost a fortune for the travelers willing to explore the mysterious kingdom.

cost to go to Bhutan(GDP )


The cultural country that adopted the philosophy of happiness over GDP emphasizes in protecting their traditions and customs from the outside influence. Thus their policy of “high-value low impact” has resulted in the expensive Bhutan travel cost that will sum up a large scale of money for a single day.

Travelers are given accessibility on strict documentation procedures, wherein one has to bring valid proof for the required documents and permits.

cost to go to Bhutan(BHUTAN TOUR )

The cost to visit Bhutan is very high and many of the travelers declare that it’s no backpacker’s destination. The country with myths and legends has imposed several rules for the travelers. A traveler cannot travel around individually but should avail a holiday package from the authorized travel agency in Bhutan.

The travel package comes customized with tailored itineraries and several other travel related facilities.  Considering some of the places as deeply sacred and some associated with the religious sentiments,

travelers are restricted from entering certain premises and are not permitted to climb some of the peaks. Thus, they always have to go each and every place along with their hired Bhutanese tour guide.

Bhutan travel packages cost differs according to the peak and offseasons.  Besides, the cost may vary according to the type of package you’ll purchase, your preferences, and the number of days you’d be traveling in the country. Below is Bhutan tour cost imposed on the tourist on an everyday basis-



Peak season



March, April, May, September, October, November



US$ 250 per person/night



Off-peak season



January, February, June, July, August, December



US$200 per person/night



This daily cost to travel to Bhutan cover the following:

  • Accommodation in standard 3-star hotels approved by Tourism Council of Bhutan, on twin / double sharing
  • All transfers & sightseeing within Bhutan by exclusive transport
  • Services of hired English speaking guide
  • All meals (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Evening tea)
  • Entrance fees to the monuments
  • Government’s Royalty (US$ 65 per person per night)
  • All applicable taxes & service charges

List of things not covered by the everyday Bhutan trip cost is-

  • Donations to the monasteries, temples, alms
  • Shopping
  • Drinks
  • Tipping the waiter, guide, and driver
  • Travel insurance
  • Extra services

However, travelers traveling to Bhutan from India, Maldives, and Bangladesh are exempted from paying the daily tourism tariff in Bhutan.

In fact, they can plan their trip on their own, but they are not allowed the accessibility to Bhutan if they fail to procure a valid permit.

Thus, for them, the cost to travel to Bhutan comes within the budget as they can book hotels directly at best prices and they don’t even have to hire a tour guide.

For foreigners, it will be profitable to travel to Bhutan in large groups as the hefty cost will be divided and one can explore the same places and enjoy the similar sunshine or ambiance at fewer prices.

But if you happen to travel alone then you need to pay an extra charge of US$40 as surplus which remains the same both at peak and offseasons.

The great thing is that if you’re a foreigner and a regular student below 25 years old, you’ll get 25% discount on your daily Bhutan travel cost or average tariff rates. This is similar in the case for the kids and children.

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Despite the high charges, Bhutan is worth the travel, as 65% from your daily Bhutan tour cost will be funded for the healthcare, free education, infrastructure, and for the well being of the people,

which means, apart from holidaying, you will be indirectly contributing for the well being of the people that desperately need help and support.

So, packed your bags already? Have a happy vacation in Bhutan.

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