How much does a bhutan tour packages cost: A Step-by-Step Guide

How much does a bhutan tour packages cost: A Step-by-Step Guide

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Bhutan tour Packages full information and details

Bhutan Visitor Information

Area: 47,000 square kilometers

Place: Eastern Himalayas between India and China

Population: 7 million

Capital: Thimphu

What to pack: Throughout the spring as well as summer season light clothing is necessary for the daytime but light woolen clothes are also advisable. In the autumn and winter season, woolen clothes like coats, hat, and gloves are also recommended.want to book bhutan tour package from Kolkata

Airport: Paro International Airport

National Politics: Constitutional Monarchy

Religion: Mahayana Buddhism in Drukpa Kagyupa Sect

Language: Dzongkha

Currency: Ngultrum

National animal: Takin

National Day: December 17

National Dress: Men- Gho | Women-Kira

The origin of the Gross National Happiness has made Bhutan one of the happiest places on Earth. Besides the stunning natural scenery, the tradition of the country has been a feeling of unity and happiness. So, book Bhutan tour packages to see why Bhutan is the happiest country!

Surprising Bhutan

hutan tour plan holds a lot of surprises. This is a country where red rice and chillies are the main course. It is a Buddhist land where monks use smartphones after prayers; also huge phalluses are painted beside the entrance of the houses. While it protects the Buddhist practices, Bhutanese are also well educated, enjoyable and lovable. It is the perfect blend of the ancient as well as the modern culture.

Places to visit in Bhutan

  • Paro Dzong
  • Tiger’s Nest Monastery
  • Chimi Lhakhang
  • Archery Arena

Bhutan also has a lot in store for honeymoon couples and bhutan tourist spots with places to visit for honeymoon trips.

  • Paro Valley
  • Trongsa village
  • Thimphu
  • Gangtey Valley
  • Bumthang Valley
  • Wangduephodrang town
  • Mongar
  • Lhuentse

Bhutan tourism

In 1991, the Royal Government of Bhutan privatized the tourist sector, which was previously run by the government. Today the market is flowing with a large number of tour operators. However, in order to protect the natural environment as well as the lifestyle of the Bhutanese people, the number of tourists allowed in Bhutan is limited.

Things to be considered before booking Bhutan Tour Packages

Tourists are not allowed to get in a lot of sites in Bhutan. Some Dzongs are closed for tourists because they house the administrative and religious facility. Thus tourists are allowed to visit Thimphu as well as Punakha Dzong when the monk bodies are not in residence. These Dzongs are open to visitors during the summer, winter, and during the time of festivals.
bhutan trip cost from India in less than outsider

Bhutan tourism authority implements a tariff on all foreign visitors:

Peak season: USD 250 per person

Offseason: USD 165 daily

If we take groups or solo travellers then:

For a team of two or three: USD 30 per day

For solo tourist: USD 40 per day

As Bhutan tours from India are getting popular, India’s economic situation is growing. For this reason, Bhutan’s government is trying to regulate and manage Indian visitors in Bhutan. people are love to visiting places to see in north east

Things to do In Bhutan

  • Rafting
  • Mountain Biking
  • Rock Climbing
  • Fishing
  • Archery
  • Wildlife Safari
  • Tiger’s Nest Monastery Trek
  • Bird Watching
  • Trekking
  • Shopping

Do you need a passport to visit Bhutan?

Indian Nationals are required to carry valid documents:

  • Valid Indian Passport having a validity of 6 months
  • Voter ID card

However, no visa is needed to enjoy your Bhutan packages.

How to reach Bhutan from India?

By Air: Bhutan Airlines and Drukair are the only ideal options to get to Paro Airport, the only international airport in Bhutan tour package itinerary

By Train: Being a small town, Hasimara is situated in the Jalpaiguri District of West Bengal. In order to reach Bhutan, you have to board a train from Kolkata or NJP.

Ideal time to visit Bhutan

The rugged terrain leads to diverse weather conditions. However, the best time to book your Bhutan tour is from October to December, marked by sunny skies as well as calm weather. So, book your trip to Bhutan to experience the best journey ever! for 6 Nights and 7 days, fly in fly out Bhutan tour for Indian tourists

5-star hotels in Bhutan

Bhutan-the forbidden kingdom is among the best-kept secrets. To make sure about rejuvenating vacation, the best hotels in Bhutan use a fascinating blend of unmatched beauty as well as an authentic appeal with modern amenities.

Taj Tashi at Thimphu: This hotel is idyllically placed in the lap of the Thimphu valley. Surrounded by hills it is one of the best 5-star hotels in Bhutan designed in the traditional Dzong architecture.

Le Meridien at Thimphu: Located in the heart of the capital city, offers a stunning view of the Himalayas. Being one of the best hotels in Bhutan, it has a stylish blend of traditional society and modern amenities.

Le Meridien Paro, Riverfront: This hotel has a perfect destination offering a lifetime opportunity to live and experience the country’s unique culture. With modern amenities and soothing Spa facility, this is a perfect stop for anyone visiting Bhutan.

Shopping in Bhutan

The major centers of shopping in Bhutan are Thimphu, Paro, and Phuentsholing. Tourists can shop things like:

  • Woven bags
  • Typical Jewellery
  • Handmade Kira and Gho
  • Hand-woven Bamboo products
  • Carpet
  • Masks
  • Thangkas
  • Souvenirs

5 best places for shopping in Bhutan

  • Norzin Lam Road
  • Gagyel Lhundrup Weaving Center
  • Market in Thimphu, Bhutan
  • Yarkay Central Mall
  • Choki Handicrafts

Best food of Bhutan

Bhutanese cuisines have its very own set of delightful flavours. Some of the authentic dishes are Ema Datshi, Kewa Datshi, Yak meat, Red rice, Momos, and Butter tea are a must try. Book Bhutan tour packages to try all these specials.

Ema Datshi

Yak meat

Red rice

Red rice in bhutan

5 tourist places in Bhutan

1. Thimphu: The capital of Bhutan is one of the most cultured places to see in Bhutan. It is the only city with no traffic lights. Also, the sightseeing places can treat your eyes with beauty and serenity.

2. Paro: A lovely valley in Bhutan, Paro is a must visited place surrounded by rice-fields. It is a historic town with several sacred sites and historic buildings.  Also, the rugged mountain hills and undisturbed serene charm make it a must place to tour in Bhutan.

image courtesy Audley Travel

3. Punakha: A popular tourist destination in Bhutan, it has been very well connected to several momentous events in the Bhutanese history as well as it preserves its reputation as one of the most stunning and considerable regions at the heart of Bhutan.

4. Haa Valley: A relatively new yet must-see destination in Bhutan is popular for the virgin charm of nature. Along with beautiful sights, you can likewise also locate some temples and fortresses around this valley.

5. Bumthang Valley: The spiritual land of Bhutan, Bumthang Valley contains many ancient and precious Buddhist sites. Located at an altitude of 2,600 meters, the religious center of Bhutan houses several oldest Buddhist temples here.

Bhutan Short Trip Places

Cheri Goemba: Located at a short distance from the Tango Monastery, just across a picturesque covered bridge, stands the Cheri Monastery. It was constructed in 1619 where the body of the first monk was kept.

image courtesy : AJ Heath Photography

Phajoding Monastery: One of the nicest walks will lead to Phajoding Monastery. The walk will lead through the wonderful woody areas of Rhododendron, with a high climb up to the monastery.

The Royal Botanical Gardens: Inaugurated in 1999, these lovely gardens welcome one past the entrance to the small hillside. There is a fall that descends onto a prayer wheel and also flows under a wooden cantilever bridge.

Simtokha Dzong: Built in 1629 by Zhabdrung Ngawang Namgyal, most Bhutanese describe this Dzong as the earliest Dzong in the kingdom.

Tango Goemba: This monastery is a wonderful location for an excursion. On the way to walking or driving, stunning sights will be offered in the countryside. The monastery dates back to the 13th century which was rebuilt in the 15th century by Lama Drukpa Kunley.

Phuentsholing: A commercial center with a flourishing business. Like any other buzzing city there are a lot of sounds and smoke yet something is great about this place.

Gangtey: Gangtey valley is one of the most beautiful valleys in Bhutan. This dish-shaped valley presents nature from the surrounding valleys and lush green landscapes make this location heaven itself.

Bumthang: Not just a travelling destination, but more than that. With four valleys of Ura, Flavor, Choekhor, and Chumey there are ancient sites too.

Kyichu Lhakhang: A crucial Himalayan Buddhist temple which is situated in Lango Gewog in Paro in Bhutan.

Rinpung Dzong: Built in the 16th century, Rinpung Dzong is a lovely Dzong or fort. Popularly known as the “fort of jewels”, Rinpung Dzong is among the best which every traveller wants to see once when in Bhutan.

Chele La Pass: Situated at an altitude of 3,989 meters, Chele La Pass is among the most preferred places to visit in Bhutan.

Buddha Dordenma Statue: A 169 feet high statue of Buddha, Buddha Dordenma is built at the foot of the capital of Thimphu. This famous gold and bronze statue is visible almost anywhere in Thimphu being the popular Bhutan traveller place.

Dochula Pass: A gorgeous pass containing 108 Chortens or Stupas was built in the memory of the Bhutanese soldiers. The magnificent temples and stupas make this pass one of the most effective places to go in Bhutan.

Tiger’s Nest Monastery: Being one of the popular locations in Paro, Tiger’s Nest monastery is the most attractive spiritual monastery built by Guru Rinpoche.

Chomolhari: Mostly preferred for the treks, Chomolhari is among the most popular traveller spot in Bhutan. The expedition is really enjoyable with alluring views to offer after a difficult trek.

National Museum of Bhutan: Built in 1968, the museum of Bhutan was constructed to execute the popular Bhutanese art. From modern paints to ancient statuaries, the museum houses 3000 work masterpieces.

Nightlife in Bhutan

Bhutan tourism does not boast about nightlife but a few nightclubs appear around the city. During the Saturday night, few clubs are very popular among both the young Bhutanese as well as the tourists. So, visit the favourite resort bar now!

All stars: This brand-new disco is one of the ever-growing scenes popular among the Thimphu’s young and well-to-do people. The nightclubs are open on Friday as well as Saturday. It is a Ladies Night on Wednesday with free entry.

Club X: In the street of Wogzin Lam, this small pub attracts a lot of young, hip, wealthy crowd. Open on Saturday night, the place gets loud with a mix of rock and music of DJs.

Hub: During the daytime, it is a banquet hall, but on Friday night it becomes a warm dancing spot. The music of the DJ makes the group groove along with the beat of the music till longer hours.

Art in Bhutan

Throughout the festival time when tourists come down to the town of Thimphu, there are many events held including cultural programs, traditional folk dance and also bonfires set up by excursion operators and resorts. The occasions are held at hotels and at different outdoor locations. If travelling in a group then the tour operator can set up a formal dancing efficiency at the Royal Academy of Performing Arts or into a lovelier ambiance of the Tashi Nencha Cultural Workshop. Appointments for these cultural programs must be made beforehand.

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