List 10 of famous honeymoon tourist places to visit in Bhutan

List 10 of famous honeymoon tourist places to visit in Bhutan

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The name ‘Bhutan’ comes from Sanskrit word, which simplifies its name as ‘highland’. Bhutan is the magnificent country known for its outstanding weather and also admirable for high mountains. The serenity of Bhutan and fascinating monasteries make this country more beautiful. The best part of this place is that there is no allowance for smoking. The one thing which makes Bhutan unique than other countries, i.e. its rich community with more 72 percent of its land are still under in forest area. Bhutan is the complete package of admirable landscape, overflowing & vibrant market, high mountains, ethnic culture and alluring weather. So, honeymoon in Bhutan is an excellent choice for newly married couple due to its charming weather.

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Best honeymoon places in Bhutan to visit:

Bhutan is one of the most romantic places for the newly married couple. Because of charming landscape and stunning weather couples mostly prefer for Bhutan honeymoon trip.

1. Paro Valley : The beautiful valley with awesome pine trees is perfect for a couple

Paro Valley

Paro is a historic Town with favorable atmosphere, where the international airport is located. This place is full of monasteries and Temples. This Place is situated between the mountains.


The best time to visit this valley- March to April and October to November

Opening hours- 9 am to 5 pm

Activities: Trekking, kayaking, and River Rafting

Entry Fee- Not applicable

Nearby attractions- National museum Bhutan and Tiger’s Nest monastery.

Nearest by hotels: Le Meridien Paro, Como Uma Paro, Hotel Jigmeling and Gangtey palace hotel.

Note: Permission of taking photos should be taken before entry into Monasteries and Temples.

2. Trongsa : The picturesque view of mountains fancies its beauty for honeymoon couple


This place connects the roads to Bumthang, Gelepu, and Punakha. The Buddhist Monasteries of this place are very admiring because of its unique Design and enriched with Pot plants.


Activities: Cycling


Korphu Lhakhang drub (Start date- 22.12.2018)

Nabji Lhakhang drub    (Start date- 22.12.2018, End date- 24.12.2018)

Trongsa Tshechu           (Start date- 15.12.2018, End date- 17.12.2018)

4 Goenpoi Dromche     (Start date- 08.11.2018, End date- 10.11.2018)

Entry Fee- Not applicable

The Best time to visit this place- March to April and October to November

Nearby attractions- Trongsa Dzong and Chendebji Chorten

Nearest by hotels –  Yangkhil Resort, Jakar village Resort, Dewachen Hotel and Wangdicholing Guest House.

Tips: Though Dzongkha is an official language of Bhutanese, but they are also fluent in English. So travelers can communicate easily.

3. Thimphu : It is one of the best honeymoon places for adorable landscape


Thimphu is the capital of Bhutan. Raidak or Chuu River makes this place more fascinating. This place has charming cafes as well as nightclubs which draws attraction for many tourists.


Activities: Rock Climbing


Mushroom Festival (Start date- 15.08.2018, End date- 16.08.2018)

Thimphu Drubchen (Start date- 15.09.2018)

Thimphu Tshechu (Start date- 19.09.2018, End date- 21.09.2018)

Jhomolhari Mountain Festival (Start date- 14.10.2018, End date- 15.10.2018)

Dechenphu Tshechu (Start date- 19.10.2018)

Druk Wangyel Tshechu (Start date- 13.12.2018)

Entry Fee- Not applicable

The Best time to visit this place– March to April and October to November

Nearby attractions- Tango Monastery, Cheri Monastery, and Simtoka Dzong

Nearest by hotels – Hotel  norbuling,  Khamsum Inn, Peaceful Resort and Ramada Valley.

Note: Don’t Forget to take Warm clothes before starting Bhutan Honeymoon Tour as the weather is mostly cold.

4. Punakha: The traditions of Buddhists culture draw the attraction for honeymoon couple


This place is perfect for adventure lovers because of river rafting. This place is famous for masked dances and traditional music.


Activities: Mountain biking, river rafting

Entry Fee- Not applicable

The Best time to visit this place- September to March

Opening hours- 8 am to 5 pm

Nearby attractions- Punakha Dzong and Chimi Lhakhang Temple.

Nearest by hotels – RKPO Green Resort, Dhensa Boutique Resort, Punakha Residence and Dragon’s Nest.  Tips: You should careful even on cloudy days as that day also can cause sunburn.

5. Bumthang : This place of Trekking is the main attraction for Bhutan honeymoon couple


There are four small valleys i.e. Tang, Ura, Choekhor, and Chumey. The best place in Bumthang is Jakara and Wild East Rodung La trek. It is famous for religion Culture.


Activities: Trekking


Shinger Meto Choepda (Start date- 22.12.2018)

Sombrang kangsol (Start date- 03.12.2018, End date- 05.12.2018)

Pangkhar Choepda (Start date- 02.12.2018, End date- 07.12.2018)

Nalakhar Tshechu (Start date- 23.11.2018, End date- 25.11.2018)

Jambay Lhakang Singye Cham (Start date- 23.11.2018)

Chojam Rabney (Start date- 22.11.2018, End date- 26.11.2018)

Tang Namkhar Rabney (Start date- 16.11.2018, End date- 17.11.2018)

Sumthrung Rabney (Start date- 03.11.2018, End date- 07.11.2018)

Prakhar Duchhoe (Start date- 24.10.2018, End date- 26.10.2018)

Jambay Lhakhang drup (Start date- 24.10.2018, End date- 26.10.2018)

Jakar Tshechu (Start date- 17.10.2018, End date- 20.10.2018)

Ugyencholing kangsel (Start date- 17.10.2018, End date- 19.10.2018)

Shingkhar Radhey (Start date- 15.10.2018, End date- 18.10.2018)

Tamshing Phala Chhoepa (Start date- 07.10.2018, End date- 09.10.2018)

Thangbi Mani (Start date- 23.09.2018, End date-25.09.2019)

Kurje Tshechu (Start date- 13.06.2018)

Nimalung Tshechu (Start date- 21.06.2018, End date-23.06.2018)

Padseling Kuchoed (Start date- 02.06.2018, End date-04.06.2018)

Entry Fee- Not applicable

The Best time to visit this place- March to April and October to November

Nearby attractions- Tamzing Monastery and Jambay Lhakhang

Nearest by hotels – The village Lodge Bumthang, Valley Resort, Jaka village Lodge and Chumey  Nature Resort.

Note: Do not eat fruits and vegetables until and unless they are peeled or cooked.

6. Gangtey : It is also included for Bhutan honeymoon trip for the picturesque destination


The most alluring valley called Phobjika valley, placed in Gangtey. It is the hometown for black-necked cranes. Gangtey is the important Monastery of Nyingmapa school of Buddhism.


Activities: Trekking

Festivals: Gangtey Tshechu (Start date- 23.09.2018, End date-24.09.2018)

The Best time to visit this place- March to April and October to November

Entry Fee- Not applicable

Nearby attractions-  Gangtey Monastery and National Park.

Nearest by hotels –  Gangtey Palace, Gangtey Lodge Bhutan, Wangchuk Lodge and Hotel Riverview.

Note: You should not swim in fresh water or un-chlorinated water as bacterial infection can be spread from fresh water in Bhutan.

7. Phuentsholing : Cleanliness of this place fascinates the new married couple


It is the perfect place to visit for those people who love nature and want to remain in solitude. It is also known for the clean environment.


Entry Fee- Not applicable

The Best time to visit this place- March to May

Nearby attractions- The Crocodile Breeding Center and Karbandi Monastery

Nearest by hotels – Centennial Hotel, Hotel Sinchula, Hotel Lhaki and Damchen Hotel.

8. Wangdue Phodrang : Highest peak of the hill makes it admirable for couple

Wangdue Phodrang

Wangdue Phodrang valley provides rich pastureland for cattle. Autumn is the best season for Wangdue Phodrang Tshechu celebration.


Activities: Biking and Motorcycle trails


Black Necked Crane Festival (Start date- 11.11.2018)

Wangdue Tshechu (Start date- 17.09.2018, End date-19.09.2018)

Entry Fee- Not applicable

Best time to visit this place- March to May and September to October

Entry Fee- Not applicable

Nearby attractions-  Fine bamboo products and stone carvings.

Nearest by hotels – Phuntso Chholing Lodge, Jigme suites, Thegchen  Phodrang lodge and Dragon’s Nest Hotel.

Tips: If you need emergency medical assistance during your trip, dial 112 and ask for an ambulance.

9. Haa Valley : This one is new but should be included in romantic Bhutan honeymoon package

Haa Valley

Haa Valley is a steep north-south valley with a narrow floor. Haa Chhu River which is stemmed from Mount Jomolhari and flows through the valley.


Activities: Cycling

The Best time to visit this place- October to November

Entry Fee- Not applicable

Nearby attractions-  Lhakhang Karpo and Nagpo-the famous White and Black temples.

Nearest by hotels –  Hotel Dorjee-Ling, Kichu Resort, Khang Residency and Peaceful Resort.

Tips: Cary medicines before starting the tour.

10. Mongar and Lhuentse : Deep curves with denser forest attract honeymoon couple

Mongar and Lhuentse

Mongar is the second largest town in the sub – tropical east. The main place which draws attraction is Mongar Dzong. Coniferous forest makes Lhuentse more admirable. It is known that the ancestral home of Royal Empire is placed in the Kurtoe region of Lhuentse.


Activities: Weaving activities


Kidlung Choedpa (Start date- 21.12.2018, End date-22.12.2018)

Mongar Tshechu (Start date- 15.11.2018, End date-18.11.2018)

Goenkar Tshechu (Start date- 18.10.2018, End date-20.10.2018)

Khadro kang sol cham (Start date- 06.09.2018, End date-09.09.2018)

Wangzhing Rabney (Start date- 04.09.2018, End date-05.09.2018)

Takilam Chham Takila Lhakhang (Start date-26.08.2018)

Sa Nyen Tshechu (Start date- 25.08.2018, End date-27.08.2018)

Annual Tshechu kadam Goenpa (Start date- 23.06.2018, End date-25.06.2018)

Trel Da Tshechu (Start date- 21.06.2018, End date-23.06.2018)

The Best time to visit this place- Throughout the year except for the rainy season.

Entry Fee- Not applicable

Nearby attractions- Weavers and special textiles and fabrics.

Nearest by hotels – Wangchuk Hotel, Bumla Inn, Wangdicholing Guest house, and Swiss Guest house.

Note:  Avoid traveling at night due to poor road conditions and insufficient lighting.

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Having a scenic view of nature and peaceful environment makes Bhutan more glorious and beautiful. The outstanding landscape, the jaw-dropping Mountain view and supportive nature of Bhutanese people makes it different from another country. Being a complete package, Bhutan is one of the Best Honeymoon Place and one of the most romantic places for the newly married couple.

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