A Recent Mesmerizing Haa Summer Festival experience in Bhutan

A Recent Mesmerizing Haa Summer Festival experience in Bhutan

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The Haa summer festival is a celebration of the traditional living-culture, nomadic lifestyles, lively sports and mesmerizing religious performances of Bhutan happened in Haa Valley. This festival provides an unparalleled insight into the traditions of Bhutan’s nomadic herders. Besides, it also provides a demonstration of local cuisines, dance performances, traditional songs, local artifacts and natural alpine flowers. Furthermore, you can also experience the night stay at one of the many comfortable home stays and enjoy the hospitality of the local people of Haa Valley.

A few words on Haa Valley-

A visit to Bhutan cannot be complete without getting a glimpse of culturally rich and picturesque HAA Valley. This valley adjoins the 3 districts of Samtse, Paro, and Chukha and covers almost an area of 1706 sq. km. This region is known for being the traditional home for the famous Dorji family. Haa Valley seems to be a paradise of beauty for the nature lovers as its diversity in flora and fauna is unparalleled. Summer is the season when the most spectacular Haa summer festival has happened in Haa Valley. This festival attracts both locals and international tourists every year. This serene valley is home to a rare flower called White Poppy, which is only native to this valley in the whole world.

Access to Haa Valley-

You can reach Haa either by taking a flight from your nearest airport to Paro International Airport or by reaching to the nearest railhead, i.e. New Jalpaiguri Railway Station. And then you can hire a cab or rent a taxi to reach Haa Valley. It will take 2hrs to reach Haa Valley from the airport.

You can also reach to Haa Valley by traveling through numerous state buses which are available in the border of Phuentsholing.

Few Things to Experience at the Haa Summer Festival-


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The Haa Summer Festival is a two-day celebration of local culture which is introduced by the Tourism Council of Bhutan in 2011 to promote tourism in Haa Valley. This festival is also known as the Monsoon Festival, which takes place in the month of July each year.

Here, we give you a brief idea about recent Haa Summer Festival experience-

1. Duration of Summer Festival:

It was 2days celebration. This year the festival was observed on 14th and 15th July.

2. The number of visitors:

Though there was raining intermittently on that day, the weather did not deter tourists and locals form participating in the festival. It is reported that more than 100 tourists and about 600 local visitors attended the festival on the first day and about 40 tourists and 400 local visitors were present on the second day.

3. Get a glimpse of the Annual Alpine Festival:

The Annual Alpine Festival was also included in this summer festival which is celebrated as a remark of the Yak herders and their lifestyles. Visitors came here to learn and witness the art of Yak shearing and wool making.

4. Enjoying the taste of the traditional food:

This summer festival also celebrated the traditional food of Bhutan locals, The food was buckwheat dumplings locally known as “hoentoe”, which is only made by the local people of Haa Valley only on special occasions like festivals and on New Years. Visitors came to this event also enjoy hearty dumplings along with other delicious Bhutanese cuisines.

5. Exploring traditional songs & dances:

Several of the traditional songs and folks dances of Haa were also performed. The main attraction of the event was the “Ap Chundu” dance performed by female performers. Ap Chundu is the protector deity of Haa district. Mask Dances and traditional folk songs were also performed along with the famous Ap Chundu dance. The Haa-pi Ausa was sung as praise to their Yaks.

6. Have a look into the indigenous sport:

The indigenous sport was also a major attraction of this summer festival. The traditional games such as archery, pillow fights, and flat stone swing competitions were performed during this festival.

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