Five food countries in the world to linger your taste buds

Five food countries in the world to linger your taste buds

March 8, 2019 0 By the-admin

We all know that “Good food is equal to a good mood.” Then why not go on a tour to try out the best cuisines!

A delicious meal is favourite among everybody. But nobody can ignore the fact that people do not like delicious and great cuisines. The world is packed with lots of food restaurants and you can get food at any place. However, finding the best cuisines is pretty hard at times!

Are you away from the country and need a few hints to not get lost in the wide ranges of tastes and flavours?

We are here to provide you a list of the best destinations to taste the scrumptious foods ever! Let’s begin.

  1. Food of Italy

Though it is the number one food country in the world, it is hard to speak about Italian food. Generally, all the dishes are derived from tomato, bread, and olive oil.

Little information for a foodie!

•    Pizza-Margherita, Quatto Formaggi

•    Pasta- Carbonara, Pesto

•    Panna Cotta- a creamy dessert

  • Food of Bhutan

Being one of the beautiful countries of the world, Bhutan leaves its travellers spellbound. However, people do not know about the flavours. So, whether the main course or side dishes, Bhutanese food will give you a finger-licking experience.

Little information for a foodie!

  • Ema Datshi-made with yak cheese, garlic, chillies, onion, and tomatoes
  • Shakam paa-Bhutanese dish made with ground beef, dried chillies, and radish
  • Jasha Maru-a spicy dish made with chicken, garlic, onion, tomato, and onions
  • Food of France

We all know that France is the food capital of the world. Well, if we take the tastes and the flavours then it does deserve the title. All the food best-sellers come from here and the list is huge.

Little information for a foodie!

  • Charcuterie-varieties of meat, sausages
  • Bouillabaisse- fish soup
  • Tartar- raw meat or fish
  • Food of Spain

From the simple street food to a gorgeous restaurant, Spain has varieties of cuisines for every single food lover. Spanish food mainly uses the style of the Roman Empire and also olive oil is used.

Little information for a foodie!

  • Paella-a spanish risotto
  • Tapas-Spanish snacks
  • Jamon-cured meat
  • Food of Mexico

Warm, sunny, blue sea-this is the ideal picture of Mexico. Actually, this is not only beautiful, but also true and natural. Adding to this corn, beans, tomato and chilli peppers, you would really get the real taste of the country.

Little information for a foodie!

  • Chilli con carne- tomato and meat based spicy soup
  • Tacos- crispy corn chips
  • Enchilladas- a Mexican lasagna

Have the sumptuous and delicious dishes give a burst of flavours in the mouth? If yes, then these different dishes will surely offer you taste and aroma!

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