Finding cheap travel accommodation during a trip to Bhutan

Finding cheap travel accommodation during a trip to Bhutan

October 24, 2018 0 By the-admin

A trip doesn’t always have to be expensive. It can be budget-friendly and affordable if you are aware of the cheap travel accommodations available at the place where you are heading to.

Bhutan, often considered to be the Happiest Country in the world, is among the most visited tourist’s destinations in the world. Almost 60% of the country is covered with lush greeneries and wildlife sanctuaries. When you think of visiting a beautiful hill station, it must be Bhutan.

So are you planning a trip to Bhutan this winter?

If so, then you must know some of the cheap travel accommodations available in Bhutan. They save you money, you get the opportunity of enjoying your trip the other way, and you get to spend time more with yourself. Contact a trusted travel agent and book a well customized Bhutan budget tour package.

So let us figure out the cheap travel accommodations in Bhutan-

1. Local Homestays-


“A home far away from home”. Local homestays are the best option while you want to know about the culture of the locals. A homestay is nothing but an extra bedroom rented out by a family for extra income. In a homestay, you usually get breakfast and dinner if you insist.

Tips for staying in a Homestay-

  • Search online for a trusted homestay and read the reviews before booking it
  • Check well if your homestay offers meals
  • Knowing the local language isn’t necessary. You can communicate through sign languages
  • Get a closer insight into their lifestyle and learn their culture

2. Guest House or budget hotel-

Guests House

Guest House or budget hotel is a decent staying option where you get to stay comfortably without the world-class services of the luxury hotels. The size of the room is also decent where you may also get a kitchen. However, the quality of the guest houses or budget hotels may vary from place to place.

Tips for staying in a Guest House or budget hotel-

  • Search for it on the internet and select a good one
  • Look for the room well before booking it
  • Check the windows and doors well

3. Camping-


Camping is probably the most wonderful travel accommodation for a nature enthusiast. Getting close to nature is their priority. What’s best about it is that its free most of time. Wood fire in the jungle or at the mountain slopes with the frigid night in Bhutan would be one of the best experiences.

Tips for Camping-

  • You must have a water source nearby while camping
  • Do not harm the environment by throwing trashes
  • Do not select a private property for camping
  • Do not keep food inside or near the camp

There are so many other cheap travel accommodation options available such as-

  • Backpacker’s hostel
  • Short-term apartment
  • Work Exchange
  • House Sitting
  • Couch surfing

But these sorts of travel accommodations are not suitable or available in Bhutan. So we recommend the above 3 cheap travel accommodation options that are apt for a budget trip to Bhutan. So, make your next Bhutan tour a different one and enjoy it to the fullest.

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