Explore The Diverse Culture Of Bhutan

Explore The Diverse Culture Of Bhutan


Bhutan is a tranquil landlocked country in South Asia which is blessed with rich culture, belief systems, languages, and natural beauty. While exploring the mesmerizing landscapes of this country, you will come through friendly local people whose simple lifestyle and consciousness to preserve the country’s heritage will surely amaze you. 

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Let’s explore some of the most interesting factors about the diverse culture of Bhutan. 


The vibrant festivals are the core part of the culture of Bhutan, where every city of the country celebrates it for 3-5 days once a year. Some of the famous festivals that will mesmerize you are Thimphu Tshechu, Punakha Drubchen, Wangdue Phodrang Tshechu, and Paro Tshechu. In these festivals, you can witness the unfurling of the Thongdrel and colourful masked dances.


Simplicity is the core value of the Bhutanese culture, which is also reflected in the local cuisine of the country. As per the traditions, the food here is cooked in earthen pots which is then eaten with hands. The foods that you must try during your Bhutan trip are ema datshi, momos, and shakam paa. 

Traditional Attire 

It has been made mandatory for the Bhutanese people to wear traditional attire while visiting the government offices and during special festivals, which is another integral part of the culture. The women have to wear “Kira”, an ankle-length dress and the men have to wear “Gho”, a knee-length robe.  


All the traditional practices and beliefs of Bhutan are based on Buddhist culture. This is why Buddhism plays a major role in the culture of Bhutan, which is also followed by Hinduism. You can contact the best travel agency in Bhutan to embark on a religious journey to Bhutan, where you can witness various beautifully architected Buddhist monasteries. 


One of the most interesting features that you can witness in Bhutanese culture is its breathtaking architecture. The traditional architecture here showcases intricate wooden carvings, sloped roofs, and earthen walls. You must remember the fact that no iron nails are used here during construction.

Performing Arts 

The performing arts in Bhutan involve traditional dance and music forms, which are also influenced by religion. The masked or chham dances accompanied by symbal, a musical instrument are a part of all the celebrations and festivals here. Most of the dance performances of the country resemble the life story of Guru Rinpoche. 


Sports can also be considered a part of Bhutanese culture, where archery is the national sport of the country. The other traditional sports that you can witness here are soksom, khuru, digor, and pundo. Apart from these, you can also try various adventure sports in Bhutan. 

Bhutan is a famous country among tourists not only because of the tourist attractions but here you can also see the pride among the local people regarding their culture. You can consult the best tour operators in Bhutan to collect unique vacation memories. 

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