Explore Rinpung Dzong – A Jewel of Paro Glorifies the Traditions of Bhutan

Explore Rinpung Dzong – A Jewel of Paro Glorifies the Traditions of Bhutan

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Rinpung Dzong, also known as Paro Dzong is one of the most spectacular Dzongs in Paro, Bhutan. It was built by Shabdrung Ngawang Namgyal in 1646 which draws the attention for its unique architecture. It was previously used as the meeting hall for the National Assembly. And now-a-days, it is a being Dzong, it houses the monastic body as well as district government offices. The actual name of this fort is Rinchen Pung Dzong which means ‘Fortress on a Heap of Jewels’. The whitewashed walls, spellbinding wall paintings, and 14 shrines are the main attractions of this Dzong. Rinpung Dzong with its elegant and harmonious structure along with its ancient history, it is a must eye-catching tourist spot in Paro for every visitor.

How to Go Rinpung Dzong?

Firstly, you have to reach Paro either by air or rail tracks:

By air- The easiest way to reach Paro is taking a flight from your nearest town to Paro International Airport. Then you can hire a cab or a taxi to reach Rinpung Dzong.

Distance from Paro International Airport to Rinpung Dzong- 6 km

By rail- If you want to reach Paro on the rail track, then you have to reach first at the NJP railway station (nearest railway station). And, then you can opt for a cab or a taxi to reach this Dzong.

(Note: There is no direct rail track up to Bhutan)

What Does History Say About Rinpung Dzong?

———Bhutan Series———- This is the Rinpung Dzong in Paro, Bhutan. Paro is a beautiful valley town about 65 kms away from Thimpu. You can either take a public bus or a taxi from Thimpu to reach Paro. Dzong is a monastery and a fortress found in Bhutan and Tibet region. 2nd pic: We took this picture while visiting the administrative government offices and monks accommodation in this monastery. Tip: There is only one airport in Bhutan which is in Paro. Only Druk Air and Bhutan Airlines fly to Paro. These 2 airlines only operate from and to India (New Delhi, Kolkata, Bodh Gaya, Bagdogra, Guwahati), Nepal, Singapore, Bangladesh and Thailand. . . . #bhutan #amazing_bhutan #paro #travel #sabbaticalyear #jazzylocation #dzong #rinpungdzong #monastery #monks

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During the 17th & 18th century, Rinpung Dzong is served as the fortress for the safety of Bhutan against the invasion from North by Tibet. Rinpung Dzong was being built with clay instead of stone; it survived itself from a massive earthquake which was happened in 1897. However, it became totally destroyed by the firework in 1906. And it was rebuilt by Penlop Dawa Penjor.

Now, A Few Words on Rinpung Dzong Structure:

The characteristics of Rinpung Dzong-

  • It is perched on a hillside above the Paro Valley.
  • There are two sections in this Dzong, one is the administrative section and another one is the monastic courtyard. The administrative section is 6m higher than the monastic one.
  • There is a ground situated outside the Dzong where dancers perform the popular dance forms of Tsechu.
  • There is a wooden bridge called Nyamai Zam below the Dzong, which was reconstructed in 1969 after affected by the flood.

What to See In Rinpung Dzong?

There are a lot of things that you can explore in this Dzong, such as-

  • A vast collection of sacred masks
  • The sacred Throngdel
  • Intricate wooden designs on the walls
  • Prayer halls decked with fabulous murals

More Things to Know About Rinpung Dzong-

Here, we provide more interesting facts about Rinpung Dzong that you must know about it-

Best Time to visit: March-October and November-February

Opening Days: Everyday except Saturday and Sunday

Opening Hours: 8 am to 6 pm (March-October)

8 am to 4 pm (November-February)

Duration of this tour: 3-4hrs

Specialty: Popular in Tsechu dance (especially Masked Dance)

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Review of Rinpung Dzong-

Sans_gh, Kolkata: Great climb on a pleasant day. amazing view from the top. again a great guide from the ticket count, helped us with the history behind the place and all the cultural important stuffs.

Review source: https://www.tripadvisor.in/members/sans_gh

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