Explore Mysterious Bhutan with some important things you must remember

Explore Mysterious Bhutan with some important things you must remember

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Explore Mysterious Bhutan

Smart people travel to a distant land after gaining proper knowledge about the place. Bhutan is a foreign country and the culture, food, people, atmosphere everything is different from the place you belong.

For years, Bhutan was not open to outer world. Recently from 1947, Bhutan has opened its gates to the foreign travelers. Bhutan is a small land locked country between India and China; still it shines out with its inner glory.

Come let us explore Bhutan a bit…

Culture of Bhutan

                               The Tibetan , Mahayana Buddhism is the base of Bhutan’s culture. It’s isolation helped it preserve its rich cultural heritage. Guru Padmasambha was the one who bought in tantric Buddhism in Bhutan. Bhutan believes in mystery, magic and prayer.


   That is why you will find prayer flags in every part of Bhutan. These flags carry the blessing to every passerby with the wind. Most of the people still wear the Bhutanese traditional dress.

Near about 40 festivals are celebrated in Bhutan. The important festivals of Bhutan are:

  • Tschechu festival
  • Jambay Lhakhang Drup
  • Haa Summer Festival
  • Royal Highlander Festival

2. BEAUTY OF BHUTAN                                                                        

                              Bhutan is out worldly beautiful. There is something so mysterious about Bhutan’s beauty that tourist can’t overcome it’s glory. The hills, monasteries, temples, roads, palace, wildlife  and handicrafts everything is so soothing and peaceful.

Bhutan seems like happy all time. The policy of Bhutan is growth of National Happiness not money. This is the Ultimate beauty of Bhutan.

Some of the beautiful places of attractive Bhutan:

  • Rinpung Dzong , Paro
  • Chele La Pass, Paro
  • Punakha Dzong
  • Buddha Dordenma Statue, Thimphu
  • Dochula Pass
  • Tiger Nest Monastery etc.


It is a known fact that happy people eat delicious food.  While Bhutan is a happy country, therefore, foods of Bhutan are delicious. Bhutan prepares some tasty dishes.


 Those who have gone to Bhutan can’t forget the food that they relished there. Bhutan loves spicy food. It is good to have spicy food in Bhutan because the weather there permits to have rich and spicy food.

Some of the absolute delicacies of Bhutan are:

  • Ema Datshi
  • Red Rice
  • Jasha Maroo
  • Phaksha Paa
  • Suja
  • Ara
  • Zow Shungo
  • 4Jaju Soupetc.

4. PEOPLE OF BHUTAN                        

Bhutanese people are also very interesting and good. Most importantly, Bhutan’s 49.5% people are female. Women dominate over Bhutan and this is such a blessing upon the country. Bhutan is not like other countries where men dominate. Here female take part in the entire official decisions, administrations and all other works those are considered the work of men.


Even the law of the country is equal for both men and women.

People in Bhutan are very helpful and compassionate. They do not treat you like outsiders but as their family members.


If you ever face any problem in Bhutan, take the help of a local.

5. Secret of Bhutan

As we have already mentioned in the title that Bhutan is a mysterious land, now you will get the exact answer WHY?

The rules, regulations, culture and significance of Bhutan is different from the others in the world.

Following are the secret of Bhutan:

  • Five times a day the Bhutanese people are told to think of death. This is so unnatural to us. However, it is actually a good phenomenon. What happens is that when they think of death they stop worrying about future and start living in the moment.
  • The Druk airline is the main airlines of Bhutan. Why the name Druk? The reason is Bhutan’s local name is Druk Yul. Bhutan loves to cling to its local culture and tradition.
  • In Thimphu there is no traffic lights. It shows how disciplined Bhutan is.


Now when you know about Bhutan, its time you plan a trip with us to Bhutan. We are an experienced travel guide and will help you experience the best of Bhutan. If you are travelling in Bhutan, choose us.

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