Experience the delights of Thimphu, Bhutan during a beautiful family trip

Experience the delights of Thimphu, Bhutan during a beautiful family trip

September 11, 2018 0 By the-admin

“Nothing can be better than seeing the world with your family”

With the passing days, it has become quite tough for us to spend some time with our family because of the burden of everyday life. The same happens with me as I do get very little time for my family members.

The inspiration for traveling:

After having an exquisite experience themselves, one of my friends suggested me to visit Bhutan during the winter season. His description and level of excitement (while he was saying about Thimphu) attracted me towards Bhutan. Since that moment, it has become the no 1 destination on my list. That is why I decided to make my family trip to “the land of thunder dragon”. Hence, I researched the internet and found BhutanPackages.com very helpful with reasonable Bhutan family tour packages and detailed information.

We chose Thimphu:

I discussed with the rest of my family members and all of them seemed to be eager to visit Thimphu. Hence, I booked a Bhutan family package to the magical country of Bhutan for 3 days. Here in this article, I would discuss the major sightseeing places that we visited in Thimphu.

Thimphu-The wonder of the majestic country of Bhutan

Thimphu, the official capital city of Bhutan is among the best places to visit in the world. It is a power packed destination which has all for nature enthusiasts, honeymoon couples and random travelers.

1. Buddha Dordenma-the largest sitting statue of Lord Buddha

Buddhism is the prevailing religion of Bhutan; in fact, Bhutan is the last Buddhist country (The Last Shangri La). Buddha Dordenma Statue is a gigantic statue of Lord Gautama Buddha (the founder of Buddhism). In spite of being huge in size, it has a quite pleasing and calm look.

Interesting fact:

The Buddha Dordenma statue is made of solid bronze and has a height of 51.5 meters. There are 125000 miniature statues of Buddha inside the big statue among them 100000 is 8 inch in size and the rest 25000 is 12 inch in size.

2. National Memorial chorten-an iconic religious landmark

Do not forget to visit the Memorial Chorten during your Bhutan budget family tour. We visited it on the second day of our trip.  It is truly an architectural wonder of the unique country, Bhutan. It is a white chorten with golden spires and has managed to attend the attraction of tourists. The eye-catching view of the surroundings from the premises of the chorten is striking.

Interesting facts:

It is designed as a Tibetan style chorten and both the interior and the exterior of the chorten allows peeking into the Buddhism philosophy of Bhutan. The Memorial Chorten is the only stupa in the country that has not carefully protected any remains of the saints of kings which is very unlikely of Bhutanese stupas.

3. National Library-popular destination among tourists

National Library is Thimphu is another place that we visited during our Bhutan family tour. Like most other places in Thimphu, the architecture of the library is pleasing and depicts the art and craftsmanship of Bhutan. It has a collection of 6,100 Bhutanese and Tibetan Books, almost 9000 printing boards, xylographs, and manuscripts.

Interesting facts:

It has the largest holdings of the Mahayana Buddhism in the world is written in the Lamaist original language, choekad choekad.

We also visited some other beautiful places in Thimphu like the Takin Preserve (a preservation center of the national animal of Bhutan), Tashichho Dzong (a beautiful Buddhist monastery on the western bank of Wang Chu), and Folk Heritage Museum (a museum in Thimphu Bhutan).

“We do not remember days, we remember moments”

Build a tradition of making trips as we did after visiting Bhutan. Why not make Bhutan your next traveling destination with your family since the moments spent with family lasts for a long time.

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