Discover The Tempting Less-Explored Places In Bhutan

Discover The Tempting Less-Explored Places In Bhutan


Bhutan is a tranquil Buddhist kingdom that is situated on the eastern side of the Himalayan ranges. This country can be the ideal destination for you to get a relaxing vacation with your friends or family. Herein, exploring the offbeat villages and valleys of Bhutan will make your trip more exciting, refreshing, and rejuvenating. 

You can contact an experienced tour operator to book Bhutan tour packages from India at an affordable rate. The tour packages will ensure that all your travel needs are met and you get to enjoy a comfortable vacation with seamless transport to the less-explored destinations. 

Let’s explore some of the most tempting and serene less-explored places in Bhutan that you must add to your tour package. 

Ura Valley 

Ura Valley is one of the highest points in the Bumthang District, which can provide you with the best views of alpine forests, terraced fields, and mountain ranges. The historical setting of this place also has been attracting many travelers every year as can get the essence of true Bhutanese culture here with traditional clothing and beautiful Dzongs.


Trashigang is a serene town in Bhutan, which commonly is not added to the regular Bhutan tour packages. However, this town is the most important trading route between India and Bhutan which also possesses various sightseeing attractions. Some of the places that you must visit in Trashigang are Chorten Kora, Trashigang Dzong Fortress, Gom Kora, and Trashiyangtse. 


Trongsa is a small hilltop town in Bhutan that gives picturesque views of the surrounding valleys with a perfect backdrop of the Black Mountains. This place also holds great historical significance from the Wangchuck dynasty of Bhutan. While visiting this place, you must visit the colorful Trongsa Dzong which also has a watchtower that provides stunning views. 


Gangtey or Phobjikha Valley is a dream destination for every honeymooner, leisure traveler, and nature lover. The untouched trails and tranquil ambiance of this less-explored valley will truly take all your worries away. You can also spot some amazing endangered wildlife here such as black-necked cranes. You can book the best Bhutan tour packages and add this place to the package. 


Dhur Village is one of the best-hidden gems in Bhutan that is just 30km away from Chamkhar. This place is blessed with the best trekking trail to Dhur Tshachu, which is a spiritual and beautiful hot spring. It is recommended to visit this place during the Dhur Tshechu Festival in the wintertime to witness the unique traditions and culture of the local people. 

Along with these less-explored places, there are also various beautiful villages in Bhutan, whose historic charm and natural beauty will blow your mind. Some of such villages are Khoma, Merak, Rinchegang, and Sakteng. The panoramic views, welcoming local people, traditional Bhutanese handloom, and spiritual essence will help you to get a different experience in Bhutan. 

You must also remember the fact that as per the new guidelines of Bhutan, it is now allowed to explore these places on your own, where only guided tours are allowed. This is why it becomes an essential step for you to book appropriate Bhutan tour packages from India that align with your travel motive. 

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