11 Unmissable and interesting cultural facts of Bhutan

11 Unmissable and interesting cultural facts of Bhutan

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The Kingdom of Bhutan is known by many mystical and enchanting names like the ‘Land of the Thunder Dragon’ and ‘The Last Shangrilla’. Buddhism is the main religion in Bhutan. The modern culture of the Bhutanese people is derived from their ancient culture.

1. Compulsory to wear national dress

(cultural facts of Bhutan)Compulsory to wear national dress

Bhutan preserves its culture and tradition by making the people wear their traditional dress to all formal occasions, schools, government buildings and hospitals as well.

Notable info:  Bhutanese people don’t require backpacks.

Interesting fact: men are not allowed to wear stocking underneath till the monks retreat to the lower valleys in the month of winter.

2. Renouncing the Throne of Democracy

(cultural facts of Bhutan)Renouncing the Throne of Democracy

A small fact regarding the traditional culture of Bhutan is that the country  was disconnected from the modern world till 1960’s.It is the only country where the king decided to establish democracy and then renounced his throne. In 2005 a constitution was established.

Head of State: King

Top Political factions: People’s Democratic Party(PDP), Bhutan Peace and prosperity party(DPT)

Interesting fact: first democratic elections were held on the year 2008 in Bhutan

3. Happiest countries in the world-Bhutan

(cultural facts of Bhutan)Happiest countries in the world-Bhutan

The peaceful environment and the fresh air in Bhutan definitely make it a popular tourist attraction. The people of Bhutan are happy and content with their lives no doubt it ranks high on the happiest countries in the world.

Notable info: instead of calculating GDP(gross domestic product) Bhutan calculates GNH(Gross national happiness)

Interesting Fact: Gross national happiness is more important than Gross Domestic Product.

4. Plastic banned in Bhutan

(cultural facts of Bhutan)Plastic banned in Bhutan

Bhutan strives to maintain cleanliness and hence plastics are banned in the country since 1999.

Notable info: you can use reusable cloth bags.

5. A country full of myths and legends

(cultural facts of Bhutan)A country full of myths and legends

Vajrayana Buddhism is the official religion of Bhutan but everyone is free to practice his or her religion thanks to the liberal king.

Notable info: Gankhar Puensum is the highest unclimbed peak in the world located in Bhutan.

Interesting Fact: ‘Takin’ the goat-antelope is the national animal of Bhutan.

6. Strict rules for tourists in Bhutan

(cultural facts of Bhutan)Strict rules for tourists in Bhutan

Bhutan has a rule which states that all tourists are to travel with a Bhutan tour operator and pay 250USD per person. This is excluded for the citizens of India, Bangladesh, and The Maldives.

Notable info: if you are looking to visit Bhutan please avail of the assistance of Enroute trip to check for tour operators in Bhutan.

Interesting Fact: on the year1974 first foreign tourists were allowed in Bhutan.

7. Free healthcare and educational facilities for the people of Bhutan

(cultural facts of Bhutan)Educational facilities for the people of Bhutan

Despite suffering from poverty Bhutan takes pride in providing free health care services for the people. There is no abject poverty, therefore, you will not see slums and beggars in Bhutan.

Notable info: Agriculture is the main occupation for the people here.

8. Bhutan allows Polygamy

(cultural facts of Bhutan)Bhutan allows Polygamy

Despite having strict rules Polygamy and Polyandry are completely legal in Bhutan. The Bhutanese people marry their own brothers and sisters to keep the blood within the Family history.

Notable info: women are free to marry again, Divorce is not considered a disgrace

Interesting fact: the fourth king of Bhutan was married to his four sisters.strange isn’t it?

9. Bhutanese people have a fetish for spicy foods

(cultural facts of Bhutan)Bhutanese people have a fetish for spicy foods

Chilly is the main ingredient in almost all their dishes.Some of the popular dishes include Kewa Datshi and Ema Datshi.

Notable info: Bhutanese people eat less meat

Interesting fact: Animals are not sacrificed as their religion prohibits such practices.

10. One of the leading counties in environmental conservation-Bhutan

(cultural facts of Bhutan)Environmental conservation-Bhutan

In order to protect their environment, the Government of Bhutan has passed a law to keep 60 percent of the nation under forest cover.

Notable info: Hydroelectric power is the biggest industry in Bhutan.

Interesting fact: first country in the world to be carbon negative

11. Embracing their ancient culture

(cultural facts of Bhutan)Embracing their ancient culture

It is absolutely remarkable to see how the Bhutanese people wear their traditional dress almost every day. They are not influenced by the western culture.

Ethnic groups in Bhutan: Ngalop, Sharchop, Lothshampa, and Lepcha

Language: Dzongkha and Nepalese

Interesting Fact: the capital Thimpu is the only city in the world without traffic lights.

Bhutan is a mystical and enchanting land that was cut off from the modern world for centuries. Bhutan has been trying to adopt some aspects of the modern world keeping a strong guard on their ancient cultural roots.

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