Chimi Lhakhang- Explore the serenity of the most famous temple in Bhutan

Chimi Lhakhang- Explore the serenity of the most famous temple in Bhutan

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They say” Wonders happen!” But it is hard to believe right? If yes, then visit Chimi Lhakhang to believe in magic all over again.

Travel to the famous fertility temple of Bhutan:

Infertility is one such problem which does not get overcome by sharing talks with people. It can even get worse sometimes with medicines which get more challenging to deal with.

Even though it is not possible to believe but Chimi Lhakhang is one such temple. If you are still confused about this then do visit to believe in the wonders that this temple can do.

Know about Chimi Lhakhang:

The Chimi Lhakhang Temple or Chimi Lhakhang Monastery was built by Ngawang Chogyel, the 14th Drukpa Hierarch. It is situated in the Punakha district of Bhutan. The meditation hall or stupa situated in this monastery was constructed by a yogi who is known as ‘Divine Madman’.

The popularity of Chimi Lhakhang:

It is famous throughout Bhutan for the wonders of fertility within the couples. Even couples with child visit this temple to take blessings for a good life and health from the saint who is said to have the ‘Magical Thunderbolt of Wisdom’.

Do you know…

The history of Chimi Lhakhang takes you back to the times when Drukpa Kunley, the founder of Buddhism visited this place. He was a well-known figure who was known for his crazy ways of singing songs which showed absolute absurdness and sexual implications.

The story behind…

Drukpa Kunley got landed in Punakha to drive away the demon from Dochula. The Madman created a thunderbolt of wisdom and defeated the demon that was in the form of a dog.

However, when he went to capture the dead demon and took it to the stupa he uttered ‘Chi Mi’ which means ‘No Dog’. As a result of which the symbol of Phallus is said to bring luck and prosperity and keeps away the evil power. Also, every wall of building or structures is carved or painted with this symbol.

Entry Fee and Timings:

Timings: 9 am to 5 pm

Days: On any day of the week

Entry fee: Free

Highlights of Chimi Lhakhang to be seen:

There are many other attractions of this temple which makes it unique from other temples. They are:

  • The big prayer wheel and black stupa:

The first thing to notice while a visitor moves forward towards the temples are the substantial prayer wheels. You can also see the black stupa which was said to have been made to capture the dead demon.

  • Golden roof of the temple:

The temple of Chimi Lhakhang is beautifully adorned with brown and golden roof and is decorated with golden medallions along the white walls of the temple. The architecture of the temple depicts beauty and simplicity. The temple is small but it spreads peace and serenity.

  • The famous statue of Guru Padmasambhava:

At the center of the temple, you will find a statue of great Guru Padmasambhava along with a reclining statue of the Divine Madman. The childless couples are given wooden phallus. After having a child, they return to name them and this name is carved on a bamboo wood.

Tips for visiting Chimi Lhakhang:

  • Cameras are not allowed inside the temple.
  • No one should make fun of the art and architecture of the temple
  • The temple properties must not be harmed.
  • No short clothes are allowed inside the temple.
  • The hike to Chimi Lhakhang is enjoyable
  • You must be sure to pick the Bhutanese Thangka Artworks
  • Experience the hospitality of the locals.

Wonders do happen in this modern world

This might make you believe in magic as this temple is indeed a magical one. One must visit to experience the uniqueness and beauty of the temple.

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