Burning Lake in Bumthang- A Religious Site for an Absolute Tranquility!

Burning Lake in Bumthang- A Religious Site for an Absolute Tranquility!

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The lake holds great mystery which is why it must be visited atleast once in a lifetime!

Whenever you are planning a trip to a religious site, you may wonder what it would be like! While there is a plenty of divine places in Bhutan, one spectacular lake also adds to this list.

Which One? The Burning Lake!

Considering the ancient legends & its interesting history, visitors get fascinated by just the name itself. And that’s absolutely right!

“What happened at The Burning Lake”

According to Bhutanese Buddhism, Pema Lingpa, a famous person found a hidden treasure at the bottom of this lake while carrying a butter lamp in his hand before diving inside. When he got back out of the lake, the lamp still burning in his hand and the lake got its name, the ‘Burning Lake’!

How can you reach Burning Lake?

By air- The best way is to board a flight from your town to Paro and then to Bumthang. After reaching the Bathpalathang Airport in Bumthang, you can hire a cab to reach the Burning Lake.

By road- You can also go for a road trip of 8-10 hours by hiring a car from Thimphu to Bumthang valley as this lake is situated on the road.

However, we would suggest that you should book the most budget-friendly Bhutan tour packages for your convenient trip.

The name is interesting! Some facts that should be amusing

Amusing Facts It Holds!!

Everyone should follow basic rules in order to maintain peace and not to hurt anyone’s sentiments in any place!

Take a look at these facts related to the Burning Lake-

  • It is a blessed pilgrimage site along with vibrant & colorful prayer flags.
  • On several occasions, locals come here to pray to dedicate Terton Pema Lingpa.
  • Kindly refrain yourself from doing anything that might lead to hurting the sentiments of the locals.

Best time to visit Burning Lake!!

There is no official opening & closing timings for this lake unlike other attraction in Bhutan. You can visit this lake anytime throughout the year. However, it is recommended to avoid raining season for exploring this site, as the trails become slippery & muddy.

Safety Tips for Burning Lake Visitors!!

  • It is much better to visit this lake in winter than in summer.
  • Don’t wear shoes.
  • Don’t stand & stare at the water here for a long time. You will feel giddy & lose balance.
  • Don’t visit the lake without the friend or without a travel guide.
  • Be concern of your footings while taking its photos.

Wanted to get indulged in the serene lake in the rejuvenating land of Bhutan? Hurry! Make a plan for the remarkable Bhutan holidays with your family!

Popular FAQs-

Q. Are there any guest houses near to Burning Lake?

A. Yes, there are several guest-houses near to Burning Lake are Swiss Guest House, Wangdicholing Guest House etc.

Q. Is there any restaurant near to Burning Lake?

A. Yes, there is a restaurant near to Burning Lake i.e. Sunny Restaurant where you will get delicious cuisines.

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