A Complete Guide to memorable Bhutan tours from Kerala

A Complete Guide to memorable Bhutan tours from Kerala

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Bhutan has been a magical destination for tourist and its popularity has just rocketed in a short span of time. The Kingdom of Bhutan has an enormous reservoir of endless beauty and rich cultures that manage to amaze you and increases your desire to book a solo or family Bhutan Tour Packages that are sure to last a lifetime.

Bhutan – An extraordinary example

The development index of any country is directly related to the number of foreign investments and the number of MNC that are present in the country but not here. Bhutan has always been reluctant about foreign interference but the progress of Bhutan in maintaining its available beauty and upholding its traditions and nature is way more impressive than most countries. The surrounding green, which is given life by the fresh mountain air that seems to purify your senses and the richness of its environment highlights a maintenance, well implemented.

Form beautiful Kerala to breathtaking Bhutan

Kerela is another magical destination which is also termed as Gods own country. The Kerela is a mixed beauty of Sun, Sea, and Sand which provides excellent opportunities for you to discover. The land of Kerela is beautiful and a Bhutan tour from Kerela has been showing huge interest in exploring Bhutan in recent times. The definition of beauty may differ and so Bhutan provides excellent mountain and nature experience that might just be the change your family trip needed in a long time.

Experiencing Bhutan tour the right way

A Bhutan tour is only possible through involvement with a registered travel agency and tour guides. Bhutan tour comes in excellent Bhutan packages which can be further categorized as a solo or Bhutan family tour packages. You can book a Bhutan tour online from any agency that is based in Siliguri, Kolkata, Delhi, Kerela or Jaigaon, the Indian border with Bhutan.

Getting to Bhutan from Kerela

Through Air:

The International Paro Airport is well connected with major Indian airports. The Druk Air and Bhutan Airlines provide flight access to Bhutan. Here is a list of places which can be used to connect a flight from any of the three Airports in Kerela:

  • Delhi (DEL – India)
  • Mumbai (BOM – India)
  • Kolkata (CCU – India)
  • Bagdogra (IXB – India)
  • Gaya (GAY – India)
  • Guwahati (GAU – India)


There are a number of trains like the Kanyakumari – Dibrugarh, and Thiruvananthapuram- Silchar express that runs once a week and connects Kerela to NJP station which is one of the busiest railway stations near the Indian border of Bhutan. New Malbazar is another local station which is the nearest to Phuentsholing but can only be accessed from Siliguri as it doesn’t support any direct trains from the Southern part of India.

Is it necessary to get a VISA if traveling from India?

The policy of VISA is not mandatory to the residents of India, Bangladesh, and the Maldives. A voters i.d with a minimum of 6 months validity is required to enter Bhutan and have an experience of your lifetime. Free traveling may still be an issue that you might have to deal with as the Tourism department of Bhutan requires foreign nationals except for India, Bangladesh, and the Maldives to engage with any of the registered Bhutan tour agents.

Restricted Area Permits

Upon entering Bhutan, all foreigners are issued either a 7 or 14 days Entry Permit which is valid for the capital of Thimphu and for Paro only. The rest of Bhutan is considered as a restricted area the entry of which for foreigners require a “Restricted-Area Permit”. Immigration checkpoints are located at regular road junctions throughout Bhutan, where police check the permits of all foreigners. In addition, foreigners wishing to visit the ethnic Buddhist temples must apply for a “Temple Permit” from the Bhutan Ministry of Culture, which is in charge of maintenance of the age-old traditional monuments inside Bhutan.

Citizens of Bangladesh, India, and the Maldives are exempted from charges on extensions of permits yet visitors who have not come here through any travel agents must apply for one through the immigration office in Thimphu.

Guide to Bhutan Trip Cost

People travel to get to know them better and discover a new aspect of another place but not all that travel is rich. It cannot be assumed that all that travel are rich, some save money over a period of time to make a trip they always wanted to. So it is important that a proper knowledge about the Bhutan travel cost is needed to be discussed and here we have tried to analyze the budget that might just be fine.

Bhutan tour package from Kerala which can be found after much comparisons and research on the internet might just be the best budget decision for you. The budget per day may be much lower than the daily budget limit for foreign travelers which range from $250 plus private expenses. IF you have a tour package that was customized according to your needs and budget, you are left with pretty much very fewer costs to deal with. A tour package covers almost everything from Tour guide, travel charge, lodging, Government Loyalty and others yet few personal costs have to be borne by you.

The Aura of Bhutan

The country is filled with rich culture and myth that are too interesting to be true. The warm people of Bhutan and their meaning of happiness are different and not materialistic. Bhutan has successfully preserved around 60 percent of its forest cover and shall be a destination that has traveler’s visiting it more frequently.

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