Bhutan Tours: Explore a Hidden Paradise

Bhutan Tours: Explore a Hidden Paradise


"Have you ever dreamt of exploring a hidden paradise and what it looks like?"

You can turn that imagination into reality by taking a trip to Bhutan. Discover the majestic elegance of this isolated paradise with the help of an ideal Bhutan tours based on your needs.

Ready to go on a fulfilling tour??

We spend lakhs on yearly trips to Europe, ignoring the idea of having a cheaper holiday experience. There are many places which allure the tourists. But, the most untouched destination for Indian travellers would be the Himalayan neighbour, Bhutan.

Forget everything else, give yourself a break and inhale the pure beauty of Bhutan!

One thing - before you leave!!

The total cost of this trip will be surprisingly low which you cannot even think of. But, before you start you do need travel insurance for you and your family. This will spoil your holiday mood with mishappenings.

No need to wait - Your destinations are ready for you!

Life always surprises you with new moments and experiences. Bhutan can be captured as one such moment or phase with these places.

Popular "Tiger's Nest Monastery":

Tiger's Nest Monastery


Just like Taj Mahal, Tiger's Nest Monastery is an important symbol of Bhutan. Standing on the edge of a cliff, this monastery has every beauty blended together. Seeing the expanse of Paro valley, rhododendrons, and blue pines, you can climb this monastery to get a view.

Astonishing "Punakha Dzong":

Punakha Dzong


The oldest Dzong of Bhutan, Punakha Dzong will amaze you with its beauty. Situated between Po Chhu and Mo Chhu rivers, this Dzong is connected to the mainland via a wooden bridge. It has a rich heritage of Bhutanese history.

Marvellous "Zuri Dzong":

Zuri Dzong, Bhutan

Zuri Dzong


This is one of those Dzongs on your Bhutan tours which enjoys the pristine location with spectacular views. It not only gives you a bird's eye view but it is peaceful too! You can just sit at the top and enjoy the peace and serenity.

Picturesque "Gangtey Valley":

If you enter Bhutan during the winter, then you would definitely not want to miss Gangtey Valley. If not the whole Himalayas, this is by far the most stunning valley. You can even try out trekking and explore the amazing views along the way.

What you get to see on your Bhutan tour cannot be found anywhere else! Moreover, Bhutanese people are so welcoming that you will visit here again!

Do you need more reasons to plan your trip?

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