Bhutan tourism: Major attractions

Bhutan tourism: Major attractions


Lying deep within the Western Himalayas, Bhutan tourism provides a stunning mix of olden charm and glorious landscapes. It is a nation forgotten to time that is often described or termed as the happiest land on the Earth.

Known as the Land of the Thunder Dragon, Bhutan tour packages will delight its visitors with an array of culture and beautiful mountains.

Things you need to know before the tour

With these essential travel tips, Bhutan tour packages will help you plan an enchanting trip.

  • Visa requirements
  • Cost
  • Tour Company
  • Best time to visit
  • Dress code
  • Currency
  • Food

Witness the gorgeous places in Bhutan

Tigerís Nest Monastery:

Tigerís Nest Monastery
Tigerís Nest Monastery

Without any doubt, Tiger's Nest Monastery is the most famous place in the whole of Bhutan. Sitting atop on the edge of a cliff, this monastery must be visited at least once on your Bhutan tourism.

Punakha Dzong:

Bhutan Tourism
Punakha Dzong

This Dzong is one of the most famous landmarks of Bhutan. Being historical, Punakha Dzong is the winter house of many Bhutanese spiritual leaders.

Dochula Pass:

Dochula Pass, Bhutan
Dochula Pass

One of the most popular passes of Bhutan, Dochula pass is a short drive from Thimphu. It will take you up crossing to one of the most beautiful passes of the country.

Jigme Dorji National Park:

National Park, Bhutan tourism
Jigme Dorji National Park

Jigme Dorji National Park is the second largest park in the country. It has many endangered animals within this park, like Snow Leopard, Himalayan musk deer, Asiatic wild dog, and Red Panda.

Phobjikha valley:

Phobjikha valley
Phobjikha valley

A perfect getaway for nature and wildlife lovers, Phobjikha valley is one of the most spectacular settings. You can hardly find such beauty like this in Bhutan. This valley is an important wildlife preserve too.

Textile Museum:

Textile museum of Bhutan
Textile Museum

It is a small museum in Thimphu where you can observe the traditional art of weaving. There is a souvenir shop if you want to bring home some woven scarf or Bhutanese clothing.

The scenic beauty, peaceful environment and friendly locals make Bhutan one of the beautiful countries. Bhutan tour packages will make you fall in love with this country for once.

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