Amazing Bhutan tour packages from Ahmadabad for family tour

Amazing Bhutan tour packages from Ahmadabad for family tour

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Bhutan is a small landlocked Buddhist nation which is bordered majorly by China and India. There are many small countries that are as beautiful as Bhutan but the unique features of Bhutan make it a country which is filled with surprises. The kingdom has been a successful implication of unique ideas which exist here like no traffic lights, tobacco products are illegal, hunting and killing of any animal or fishes and the use of traditional dress during work for both men and women.

The joy of family package to Bhutan

Traveling with your family is an unforgettable experience beyond its chances of being stressful. Solo traveling is sure to give a delightful experience to self but when you travel as a family, the joy you get from seeing the content and joy in the faces of your family members is sure to make all the efforts a valuable sacrifice. Though Bhutan is a place whose beauty cannot be expressed in words, the costly approach of traveling as a family can lower your Bhutan Package Tour cost as discounts are provided when you travel in great numbers. A boost for family packages to Bhutan.

Bhutan – A kingdom to warm and happy people

Major countries of the world have focused on Gross National product to determine its progress over a period of time yet Bhutan some years ago declared Gross National Happiness to be a more important implementation of policies which determine their idea of progress. The beauty and peaceful Bhutan has a number of old and heritage monasteries that are the treasures of Bhutan and its art. So book Bhutan family tour packages or a solo Bhutan tour plan to explore the wilderness of Bhutan.

From Ahmadabad to Bhutan, the Land of the Thunder Dragon

Bhutan has gained a popular status for itself as a great holiday destination but the journey from your hometown inside India to Bhutan could be quite confusing if you haven’t done a neat research on it. Here are a few tips to reach Bhutan with ease:

  1. The Paro International airport is the only Airport inside Bhutan which connects major Indian cities to Bhutan directly. Besides, there are no direct flights to Paro from Ahmadabad, you could apply for a flight from the nearest city that does.


  1. If you want to travel from Ahmadabad itself, you can also book a ticket for Bagdogra Airport in West Bengal. It is the nearest alternative airport outside Bhutan which would require an additional 5 hours to reach Phuentsholing, the border with India.


  1. Ahmadabad is well connected to the NJP Station in Siliguri. The Dwarka Express and Kamakhya Gandhidham express are the two options which connect Ahmadabad to Siliguri, the nearest major railway station near the border of Bhutan. From Njp it is around a 4-hour car ride to reach Phuentsholing.


The VISA policy for Indians and ‘Entry’ permits

It must be understood that Indian nationals visiting Bhutan are required to carry their valid Travel documents like Valid Indian Passport with at least 6 months validity or a Voter Identity Card issued by the Election Commission of India. The Indian nationals are not required to pay anything for the VISA as other exempted nationals of Bangladesh and Maldives.

If you are planning for a bike tour with your friends to Bhutan, you must first obtain an ‘Entry Permit’ after showing your valid Travel documents at the Immigration office of Royal Government of Bhutan at the border area of Phuentsholing. In the worse case, if you have made a long ride till Bhutan border but you find out that you have forgotten your Voter’s I.D proof, there is also an alternate option of applying for an identification slip along with proper proofs of being an Indian National at the Indian Consulate Office in Phuentsholing.

Special Area Permits:

Bhutan shares borders with a few countries and is also landlocked between them. The security of Bhutan is also one prime concern and tight security when you plan to travel beyond Paro and Thimphu. Even if you are traveling to Bhutan by air and have a flight booked till Paro, you must also require showing valid documents to attain entry permits till Thimphu and Paro.

Traveling beyond the capital of Thimphu and Paro requires special area permit which can be acquired by the foreign travelers through the RGOB Immigration office at Thimphu from Monday to Friday.

Entry and package cost for Bhutan tour package from Siliguri

Bhutan has been open for travelers who come here to see the sides of Bhutan and experience unique aspects of traveling which is done differently here. It cannot be written off that traveling inside Bhutan freely isn’t allowed yet a package with a tour guide and included meals, transportation, and other items may allow you a Bhutan experience under allotted budget.

A brief survey regarding the package cost for Bhutan had estimated a daily budget of around 240$ for a day in Bhutan along with food, royalty, taxes, transportation, and lodging but excluding beverages. The peak seasons would amount to such high daily cost which makes Bhutan, a luxurious tourist destination yet during offseasons, a complete daily package should cost the travelers around 200 $. Bhutan tour package cost is comparatively lower for Indians and so traveling through Bhutan package from Siliguri after price comparison may also come up with few budget options to Bhutan.

A soulful Bhutan experience

The joy of traveling to a dream-like destination like Bhutan can be a soul refreshing experience as the closeness of the Last Shangri La to its nature and its surrounding fills you with freshness and gives you non-materialistic joyful experience which is there to stay.

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