Bhutan – The Land of Dreams From The Eyes of Sandy & Vyjay

Bhutan – The Land of Dreams From The Eyes of Sandy & Vyjay

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Bhutan for us is the land of dreams. A place nestled in the folds of the magnificent Himalayan ranges. It is a dream that still eludes us and remains a dream. We were very near our dream when we were traveling in Sikkim a few years back and were at Nathu La and other places where the Bhutan border was very near. However, we hope to visit the land of happiness, Bhutan soon as the call of its mountains is irresistible.

Some of the reasons that make Bhutan tour a unique and must visit destination for us are:

The Breath-taking Monasteries

Bhutan monastery

The monasteries of Bhutan seem to echo with mysticism and look so divine. We would like to immerse ourselves in the serene vibes of monasteries like the Tiger’s Nest Monastery which looks so picturesque.

The Vibrant Culture

Nothing reflects the beauty of a place more than its culture. The culture of Bhutan is colourful and vibrant and comes alive in its festivals. We would love to immerse ourselves in the wonderful festivals of Bhutan. The unique arts and crafts of Bhutan is another window to its unique history and heritage.

The Happy People

Even poor people is also happy in Bhutan

The only place in the world which values happiness above all else. In a world of materialism where everyone is forging ahead in a never-ending rat race, Bhutan must be like an oasis in the desert, with its focus on happiness and real quality of life based on peace of mind and not your bank balance. The Gross National Happiness factor is something that makes Bhutan the most unique destination in the world.

The Mesmerizing Mountains

Bhutan Mountains

When in Bhutan, we are sure, one can never be far away from the mesmerizing magic of the mountains. Waking up to beautiful views of the snow clad peaks tinged with the golden hue of the sun would be like waking up in a dream.

The Serene Spirituality

Bhutan is a land where the very air seems to carry spirituality in its wake. Such a place must be a haven for meditation and for soul searching. A place where nature connects you with yourself and the inner peace that you are looking for.

The Formidable Fortresses

Bhutan fort

Spectacular fortresses that dot the beautiful and diverse landscape of Bhutan is another reason to make the country irresistible.The breath-taking views from these fortresses and the intrigue of their history is definitely made for a unique experience.

These are only a few of the reasons that makes us dream about Bhutan. There must be many a treasure around each and every turn and behind every small hill of the country that is unique and untouched. We hope to wake up in the magical land of Bhutan one fine morning.

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