Best time to visit Bhutan – Make your hill station dream come true

Best time to visit Bhutan – Make your hill station dream come true

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Bhutan, the land of smiles is one of the finest tourist destinations of the world which has been alluring the travelers for many years because of its adorable sightseeing destinations, delicious mouth-watering foods, and hospitable locals who are often considered to be the happiest people on Earth.

Most of the travelers are confused about the best time to visit for Bhutan holidays. So, I’ve decided to share my knowledge as I have lived there in Bhutan for three years. I have to mention here that every season in Bhutan has its own charm and beauty. The country has basically four seasons- summer, winter, spring, and autumn. During one specific season, the temperature generally varies from place to place however the weather remains almost the same.

Bhutan is a small country, hence every individual destination witness a particular season at the same time. Given below is the detailed information of the seasons in Bhutan:

1-Summer-best time to witness the Himalayan Mountains

Summer starts at the beginning of June and lasts up to the end of August as I’ve noticed and the temperature varies from 22 degrees to 25 degrees. I have read somewhere saying that rains are very frequent in Bhutan during summers but let me tell you that it rains only in the afternoon with an interval of 2 or 3 days.

Summer is also an ideal time for Bhutan tourism to get a view of the unique landscapes and lush green paddy fields of the country. Apart from that, Haa Festivals which is a popular festival of Bhutan is celebrated during summer. Read more about Haa Festival

Why should you choose summer?

I’ve noticed that summer is not the peak time for tourism in Bhutan. Maybe it is because of the notions of the rainfall in summer which is actually blessing in disguise for the travelers who visit here. The first time I came here in Bhutan with my dad was summer and I still remember that the sightseeing destinations and places of attractions are never crowded and explorations of them are quite relaxing. Thimphu, Punakha, and Paro are some of the places that must be visited during summers.

2-Autumn-a good time for witnessing the rewarding nature

Autumn extends from September to November is the second best season after spring to travel to the majestic land of Bhutan. As, I am originally from Kolkata, India (where I lived for 15 years) which is basically hot and sultry, I fall in love with the autumn season in Bhutan during my stay.

The temperature varies between 10 degrees to 22 degrees and with no rains and chilly weather, autumn serves the best of Bhutan. And Black-Necked Crane Festival is celebrated during autumn in Phobjika Valley and the Thimphu Tshechu around Thimphu. Read more about Black-Necked Crane Festival

Why should you choose autumn?

As I mentioned earlier, autumn is a great season for visiting around Bhutan and every individual destination has something special to offer to its visitors. Lots of festivals (including Black-Necked Crane Festival) are celebrated throughout the country which gives a closer insight into the culture and traditions of the locals of the country.

3-Winter-the season of snowfall in Bhutan

Winter season starts in December and extends up to February and is generally very harsh in Bhutan. The temperature varies between 5 degrees to 10 degrees however the temperature differs from one place to another. The weather is quite dry all over the country and the higher altitudes and mountains peaks get a temperature of sub-zero.

Mild snowfall can be witnessed in Thimphu and Paro only in winters and Punakha Dromche and Tshechu which is a festivals marking the founding of Bhutan is celebrated with grandeur.

Why should you choose winter?

Well, as far as my feelings are concerned snowfall is the one & ultimate reason to travel to Bhutan in winter.  The chilled weather of the winters in Bhutan makes you bound to visit the excellent nightclub and bars in Bhutan where few drinks with traditional spicy food are good options.

4-Spring-the best season for tourism in Bhutan

Three years are not long and I was fortunate enough to witness the three spring seasons in Bhutan. It expands from March to May and the temperature varies from around 4 degrees to 22 degrees. It is also the best time to indulge in some of the most exciting adventurous activities in Bhutan. (Read …… for more information on adventurous activities)

The weather during this season remains dry with less humid which is perfect for exploring the impeccable sightseeing destinations of Bhutan. Jacaranda flower can only be witnessed during this season in Bhutan as it blooms only in the month of May.

Why should you choose spring?

Spring was my favorite season in Bhutan and March, April and May all the three months remain very pleasant. Along with sightseeing and adventurous sports, one popular activity that the travelers do here during spring is meeting the king of Bhutan who takes part in the local festivals of Paro such as Paro Tshechu.

Do not rely too much on yourself for arranging a trip to Bhutan as it might be troublesome. Best Bhutan budget tour is organized by tour operators who are packed with all the mandatory information.

Bhutan is perfect for visiting all-around the year, still, I think some tips should be mentioned here:

  • Pack winter garments along with light clothes in summer if you are planning to visit the southern regions.
  • Essential pieces of equipment for trekking should be packed along with light clothes to indulge in adventurous activities in autumn.
  • Carry woolens and jackets, mufflers, scarves, socks as winter is frigid in Bhutan.
  • No need carry something special in spring just light clothes and some medication would be enough.

Popular FAQs:

Q. How to reach Phuentsholing from NJP Railway Station?

A. The most comfortable and convenient mode of transport to travel to Phuentsholing from NJP is by car. Consult a car rental service provider to hire a car.

Q. Is buying antiques allowed in Bhutan?

A. No, buying and exports of antiques in Bhutan are not allowed.

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