Archery- A Complete Guide About The National Sport Of Bhutan

Archery- A Complete Guide About The National Sport Of Bhutan

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In the case of Archery, the hitter & the hit are no longer two opposing objects but are one reality!

The glory of Bhutan is not hidden anymore form anyone. The country, as beautiful as heaven itself, is known for its vibrant festivals and richness in adventure sports. It is true that no matter how developed a country is, it never becomes complete until its local people have a true spirit for sports.

And it is the royal sport of Archery which completes Bhutan!

Let’s know about it first!

Every country is enthusiast about at least one sport whether it is India, Argentina, America or Brazil. It is the archery which is the most popular adventure activities in Bhutan. While you are in Bhutan, you can actually get the glimpse of the level of enthusiasm that Bhutanese have for this sport. And it must be the ambience of Bhutan that even the tourists can’t resist themselves to enjoy one more matches of archery.

Amazing to hear that, right?

An Insight into Its Rich History

Have a look-

  • The royal sport of Archery is declared as the national sport in 1971, under the leadership of Jigme Wangchuk.
  • However, archery has been practiced in the country since long before then.
  • Previously it was used as a major weapon in battle.
  • Not just this, bows and arrows can be seen even in the historical paintings too. Wow!

What Actually Happens In This Game?

Let’s find out-

  • It is played between two targets separated by a distance of 145 meters
  • Each target is about 91 cm tall and 28 cm wide
  • Each team has 13 players
  • The number might differ but the count of the team number must be the same
  • The team that reaches 25 points wins the match
  • Men play the game in their elegant national dress, Gho
  • Each player shoots two arrows in one round
  • After hitting the target, he gets a colored scarf as points
  • The shooter with more scarves finally wins the match with his team

Wait, there is something more…

Marking the points is a bit difficult as all hits in a round can be cancelled with hits from the players of the other team. It means that if there are five hits each from both teams in a round, no one gets the score.

Also takes part in Olympics…

Bhutanese archers are now being trained for the Olympics. Even women are encouraged to take up an archer’s bow to learn archery. Since it is the country’s national sport, it is a bit surprising that not a single medal has been won by Bhutan till date.  For every Bhutanese people, it is much more than just winning the game.

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And they have a very strong faith that Bhutan will undoubtedly win an Olympic medal one day!

Women Play a Key Role in This…

Although the archery in Bhutan is dominated by men, women leave no stone unturned to prove an asset to the country as well as sport. Even if the ladies do not participate in the archery tournament, they play an active role in several ways like-

  • Cheering up their family members.
  • Bring food for them and dance in joy every time their team hits the target.
  • Sing traditional songs to cheer up & to motivate their own team.

The joy of seeing an arrow leaving the bow and hitting the target, some 100 meters away, is unparalleled. If you also want to take a major part in this game either as a player or a viewer, you should make your plan by grabbing the most affordable Bhutan tour packages.

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