A Complete Travel Guide to Thimphu Tour from Kolkata

A Complete Travel Guide to Thimphu Tour from Kolkata

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This blog is complete travel guide to Thimphu tour from Kolkata, shopping guides, point of interest guides, nightlife options and the accommodation options in Thimphu.

The capital of Bhutan, Thimphu is the most magnificent and quaint city.  This city serves as a center of Bhutanese administration. It is being the world’s third highest capital, holds the unique combination of both traditional and modern aspects. Dotted by tranquil monasteries, ornate architectural buildings and lined streets that merge together in the clock tower avenue where cultural programs are held. You can enjoy the day life by exploring the majestic landscapes, astounding mountains, lush green valleys and serene monasteries as well as enjoying adventure activities. While the nightlife in Thimphu includes the bars, nightclubs, pubs, colorful shops which make this quaint city just like a beautiful bridal queen. Whether an adventure junkie/ a honeymooner/ a family trip or friends hangout, Thimphu is an ideal destination in Bhutan.

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Here we provide the detailed information about Thimphu Trip to make your trip hassle-free. The information is mentioned below:

1. How to reach Thimphu?

By air: You can reach Thimphu more easily by taking a flight from Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose International Airport to Paro International Airport. At the airport, you will get several hired taxies to reach Thimphu.

By rail: If you want to travel by train to reach Thimphu. The route will be:

Kolkata to Hasimara by train-Hasimara to Jaigaon by bus-Thimphu

 2. Popular must visit sightseeing places in Thimphu:

This beautiful capital is blessed with numerous astonishing sightseeing places which will make you surely spellbound. Here we have mentioned some of the popular sightseeing places that you cannot afford to miss while traveling to Thimphu:

  • National Memorial Chorten- a place represents Bhutanese tradition:

This Chorten was built in the year 1947 in memory of the Third King of Bhutan. Capped by a golden spire that shines brightly during peak afternoon hours, National Memorial Chorten is a prime prayer site for locals.

  • The Weekend Market- a hub of fresh vegetables:

The Weekend Market in Thimphu is another attractor for the outsiders. Vendors from throughout the region of Bhutan arrive on Friday afternoon and remain until Sunday night. You will get the many vegetables as well as fruits depending on the season like-

  1. Vegetables- Potatoes, onions, numerous varieties of chilies, cauliflowers, cabbages, lettuces, peas, squash, yams and so on.
  2. Fruits- Oranges, apples, pineapples, bananas, mangoes, apricots, peaches and plums.
  • Zorig Chusum School of Traditional Arts- a perfect place for artists:

This institute is also known as ‘the painting school’ operates 4-6 year courses that provide instruction in Bhutan’s 13 traditional arts. The students of this school are specialized in-

  1. Painting (furniture, Thangkas – painted religious pictures)
  2. Woodcarving (masks, statues, bowls),
  3. Embroidery (hangings, boots, clothes)

The showroom sells good-value pieces made by students.

  • The National Folk Heritage Museum- a place that glorifies the history of Bhutan:

This museum is a three-storey as well as timber building replicates a traditional farmhouse which is furnished in such a way that provides a glimpse of Bhutan traditional life. You can explore here 3 unique things include the antique noodle press, the leopardskin bags and Brokpa yak-hair ‘spider’ hats.

  • The National Library- ideal for book-lovers:

The National Library was established in 1967 to preserve ancient Tibetan texts. This library presents mainly as a fine example of traditional Bhutanese architecture for the visitors. However, there are some great historic photos as well as the traditional books and historic manuscripts present on the top floor of the library.

Besides, there are more sightseeing places present in Thimphu such as Traditional Medicine Institute, Handicrafts Shops, Craft Bazaar, Junghi Handmade Paper Factory, and Buddha Point which will surely mesmerize you.

3. Some famous lively nightlife places:

The nightlife of Thimphu can be considered one of the best nightlife in Bhutan. Some of the places are:

  • Mojo Park
  • Space 34
  • Club Ace
  • Om Bar
  • Benez Bar

4. Enjoying most thrilling adventure activities:

Thimphu, the capital of Bhutan is not just about a place of exploring sightseeing places but also a hub of most adventure activities. Here, we have mentioned a list of activities-

  • Paragliding
  • Kayaking
  • Canoeing
  • White Water River Rafting
  • Bunjee Jumping

5. The most comfortable Hotels to stay:

It is a quite tough task to choose the best hotels to stay with your family or friends among the various hotels in Thimphu. Here we solve your problem by mentioning the name of some of the best hotels present in Thimphu. Those are:

  • Hotel Norbuling
  • Khamsum Inn
  • Khang Residency
  • City Hotel Thimphu
  • Hotel Galingkha

6. Unique Souvenirs in Thimphu that should be taken with you:

When you are traveling to many places, you would never want to back home with empty-handed. Here we have mentioned some unique things that you should be taken back home with you such as-

  • Embroidered Boots
  • Handmade Paper
  • Wooden Bowls
  • Mala Beads
  • Yak Tails
  • Hand-Woven Scarves & Bags
  • Thangka Paintings
  • Kelzang Handicrafts

Popular FAQs-

Q. Which are the famous festivals can be explored during Thimphu trip?

A. You can explore mainly 3 types of famous festivals during your Thimphu trip, such as-
✓Mushroom Festival (Start date- 15.08.2018, End date- 16.08.2018)
✓Thimphu Tshechu (Start date- 19.09.2018, End date- 21.09.2018)
✓Jomolhari Mountain Festival (Start date- 14.10.2018, End date- 15.10.2018)

Q. What is the opening-closing time of Space-34?

A. The opening time of Space 34 is 11 pm (Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday) and Closing Time is 12 pm (Wednesday) & 1p m (Friday and Saturday).

Q. Is there any entry-fee needed for visiting The National Folk Heritage Museum?

A. Yes, the entry fee is needed for visiting The National Folk Heritage Museum which is INR 150 per head.

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