7 Uncompromising Reasons to Travel To Bhutan

7 Uncompromising Reasons to Travel To Bhutan

January 4, 2019 0 By the-admin

“Blissful Beauty at its epitome – is Bhutan”                                          

Bhutan is a mysterious poem. A beautiful abode for heavenly spirits to reside. A composition of songs that very few can reside. A shocking delight of ethnic and modern hymns.

Ah! What a pleasure is this little place from generations to generation so unchanged.

You may have traveled to so many places on earth. However, if you have not traveled to Bhutan, you are missing out the heaven.

There are so many reasons for your tour to Bhutan.

Here, I have jotted down 7 points that you cannot compromise with to be in Bhutan:

1. Ignites Happiness within you:

Bhutan has kept its happiness as the priority and therefore people visiting Bhutan feel happy and relaxed. Their priorities are not their income but their happiness.

2. Ethnicity!Purity!Divinity:

Bhutan is a place where you can smell culture, ethnicity, and purity. People here are very much rooted in their culture. They maintain their purity and divinity and welcome you with a smile, without even knowing who you are.

3. Spend less get more:

In Bhutan, you do not need to spend a fortune to be happy. Just spend a minimum amount and enjoy your trip to Bhutan. At the end of your tour, you will realize how less you have spent and the lump sum you got.

4. Delicious Food: 

In Bhutan you will be able to enjoy mouth watering delicacies. Spicy food, dumplings, soups are hard to miss. While in Bhutan you must munch on some local delicacies.

5. Culture Blast:

With more than 50 festivals, all around the year, monasteries, temples and religious upheaval, Bhutan is actually a cultural blast among all the countries in the world.

6. The beauty of Nature:

Nature is at its best when it comes to Bhutan. Picturesque Mountain, green meadows, meandering rivers, and beautiful roads make Bhutan a live painting. 

7. Most Welcoming:

People in Bhutan are ever welcoming and loving. You will not feel you are out of your home when in Bhutan. Rather Bhutan will make you feel like a home away from home.

It is impossible to resist Bhutan. Do not say no when you know you want to travel to Bhutan. Coming to Bhutan following a budget tour package is the most comfortable way to reach Bhutan.

Wear out your Worries and dive into the serenity of Bhutan!

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