7 Reasons Why Bhutan in January Needs to Be on your Bucket List

7 Reasons Why Bhutan in January Needs to Be on your Bucket List

December 17, 2018 0 By the-admin

‘Don’t listen to what everyone says. Go & see what actually the place is!’

Did you know with less than 29,000 international visitors each year, Bhutan is one of the least visited countries in the world? Captivated by the allure of the road less traveled, a land fabled to be occupied by mythical creatures, you may be a dream of treading the mountain passes that ascend towards the Tiger’s Nest, of witnessing a sacred place!

The only problem?

There is a very few information available to help you to get know about Bhutanese adventure!

Why January?

Due to the subtropical climatic conditions, the best time to go for Bhutan tours in January as the weather is apt for sightseeing and indulging in outdoor activities. Bhutan in January provides you an opportunity to witness the various festivals and also enjoy the mesmerizing snowfall.

Reasons Lying Behind To Explore Bhutan’s Charm!!

‘Every country has its own unique glory.’

Here’s why you should consider adding Bhutan to your 2019 bucket list-

1. It’s Unspoiled by Tourism

The word ‘authentic’ is one of the most overused phrases for every place but it certainly applies only Bhutan!

There is something charming about treading paths of Bhutan where so few have gone before and exploring lands unchanged by tourism. Bhutanese conveniently protect their country and so traveling here provides a unique experience. There’s no risk of being hassled by eating bad food at a restaurant in Bhutan simply because there aren’t any!

2. It is Carbon NEGATIVE

 You read it right! Bhutan is being the only carbon negative country in the world.

With an average of 72% of lands of Bhutan is covered by the forest area, which makes it not only carbon neutral, but also the only carbon negative country in the world! They don’t just talk about sustainable development, but already practice it in full force.

3. Happiness is Measured

World-widely famous for its Gross National Happiness (GNH).

Often referred to as being the last Shangri-la, the Bhutanese government favoring the happy lives are than wealth and material things. Under GNH, the Bhutanese receive free healthcare, free university education, and the culture is carefully preserved.

Amazing, no?

4. It’s Not as Expensive as You May Think

With a minimum daily fee of INR 14,000, Bhutan certainly isn’t a budget destination. However, it must be noted that fee includes three meals a day, a private tour guide, a private driver, comfortable accommodation, delicious meals, and attraction admissions. When you break it down, you’re getting much more a good deal on it.

It’s still pricey but, for a once in a lifetime dream trip, it is must be on your travel list. 

5. It has a Vibrant & Magical Culture

Bhutan is a fascinating South Asian country where legends become history and mythological talks are part of reality. Take the Tiger’s Nest for example where Tibetan Buddhist Guru Padmasambhava is said to have flown on the back of a flying tiger, or the “Divine Madman” who was believed to have fought off enemies from his magical genitalia.

Have you ever heard of a place with such fascinating backstory? Of course not!

6. Seek into local traditions via Tshechus

Tshechus are a large part of Bhutanese culture to behold. Traditional music and masked dances are part of Tshechus which were designed to neglect evil spirits. Occurring almost in every month, people come from far to witness the charm of these festivals.

It’s not so much easy n to spy Bhutanese royalty in the crowd either!

7. The Mouthwatering Dishes

Any memorable trip will definitely be incomplete without having delicious food.

With just enough spice to pack a punch, Bhutanese food was designed to help the locals survive amid harsh winter climates. Be sure to order up a plate of Ema datshi – a dish made from chili peppers and Yak’s cheese that’s a staple at most dinner tables.

One thing’s for sure – You’ll be disappointed that you can’t find this lip-smacking food anywhere else in the world.

Do you have strong desire to go on a trip to Bhutan in January? Then customize your own favorite of all Bhutan tour packages to explore the best of the country as according to your budget.

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