6 Foods You Should Avoid When Travelling to Bhutan

6 Foods You Should Avoid When Travelling to Bhutan

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Getting sick while traveling is an awful thing, so why lures fate?

Traveling means eating foods that are outside of your normal routine, which can also be a fun part of any enjoyable experience. Yet it can also pose a real challenge for you when trying to stay healthy. If you are not paying attention to your food, it can be easy to lose track of what you’re eating and how much you’re eating.
Traveling to other countries and staying healthy requires planning, self-discipline, and vigilance!

Seek into Bhutan’s Magical Charm!!

Tucked in the midst of the huge mountains of the Himalayas, Bhutan is a spectacular country which is beyond of words to explain. Still untouched by many, Bhutan has mesmerizing landscapes, serene monasteries, and more for the solitude seekers. The architecture of Bhutan is traditionally designed by stonework and intricate woodwork, with no use of nails or iron bars.

Wow! In a short, Bhutan has remained a paradise for travelers over time!

Essential to Carry When Traveling!!

Here a list of some things you must carry with you for a hygienic trip, such as-

•Hand Sanitizer
•Medicinal Kits as per your requirement
•Snacks or dry fruits
•Water bottle
•Paper Napkins

Foods You Should Avoid While Traveling!!

There are few things worse than taking the money, time to plan a trip and having it be ruined by traveler’s stomach issues. Here are seven foods you should be careful of eating when you are going for Bhutan tours

1.Berries and Apples

When you are traveling to Bhutan, only eat fruits with a thick layer that you can peel away such as banana, oranges etc. The peel keeps the fruits fresh. Avoid berries and apples as these fruits are exposed to the bacteria where they are stored in and hence can give you a stomach infection.

2. Meat and Dairy

You should also avoid meat and dairy as you don’t know how well is it stored and cooked. And by taking it you can become more susceptible to infections.

3.Refined Foods

You should never eat refined flour like white bread, biscuits, and bakery items during the journey. These foods can cause discomfort in the stomach.

4.Raw and Cut Foods

Avoid anything that is cut open like salads, onions, pickles etc which can be contaminated with bacteria and can lead to stomach infections.

5.A Whole Meal Including Dal, Roti, and Vegetables

It is quite common while you are traveling; you always preferred a full meal including rice, roti, dal, and vegetables to eat. Don’t choose it as this full meal sometimes remains not fresh and can lead to your stomach problem. You could choose Ema Datshi or 1-2 small rotis with vegetable or dal.

6.Fried Foods

Don’t go overboard on chips and fried foods as they dehydrate you sooner due to the high sodium content. Choose dry fruits instead of fried foods.

So, those above-mentioned tips will help you to embark on a remarkable trip to Bhutan either with family or friends. Time doesn’t wait for anyone! So Hurry!

Popular FAQs-

Q. Which are the hygienic restaurants in Bhutan?

A. The best hygienic restaurants in Bhutan are Sonam Trophel Restaurant, Bhutan Orchid, San Maru Restaurant etc.

Q. Which are the best resorts to stay in Bhutan?

A. The best resorts to stay in Bhutan are Yangkhil Resort, Zhingkham Resort, Damchen Resort etc. where you live comfortably.

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