5 Ways of Exploring the Essence of Bhutan

5 Ways of Exploring the Essence of Bhutan

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‘The essence of all religions is one. Only their approaches are different.’- Mahatma Gandhi.

Are you chasing a dream of making a trip into the land of beauty, splendid landscape, and spiritual cultural heritage? Then, Bhutan without any doubt is an ideal country in the world for you. While you walking through the ancient streets of Bhutan, it’s ornately decorated temples and monasteries will give you the real cultural treasures of the ‘Land of Thunder Dragon’!

Seek Into Bhutan’s True Essence!!

Do you want to capture the authentic essence of Bhutan into your mind’s canvas? If yes, then explore Bhutan’s natural grandeur with a budget-friendly Bhutan tour packages.

It will take you to the yard of the rare mountain trails, unspoiled culture, and uninhabited landscapes! Sounds beautiful, doesn’t it?

Have a look at the ways of experiencing the true essence of Bhutan at below-

1. See the Real Glimpse of Bhutan with Trekking!!

‘Trekking is the most convenient way to explore the actual beauty of any place.’

Tucked between two Asian countries – India and China, Bhutan is blessed by nature with a vast topography and rich tradition in the Himalayas. This trip includes trekking along a soothingly calm Himalayan trail along with day hikes to the monasteries. Your trekking tour begins-

  • From the picturesque Paro Valley to the famous Tiger’s Nest Monastery.
  • And then you drive across the picturesque Dochu La Pass into the subtropical valleys of Punakha.
  • After that, relish the startling views of Jichu Drake and Tshrim Khang.

In short, throughout your explorative tour of Bhutan, you traverse through rugged mountain terrains!

2. Go For Bhutan’s Sightseeing Tour

‘The beauty of every place is highlighted for its surrounding environments’

Bhutan Sightseeing tour, another best way of discovering the true essence of Bhutan, gives you an opportunity to witness the beauty of its sightseeing places. A memorable excursion to beautiful places like-

  • Paro
  • Thimphu
  • Punakha
  • Gangtey
  • Trongsa etc will give you an idea about the Bhutanese lifestyle.

Moreover, strolling through the traditional marketplaces, observing Bhutanese handicrafts and household items enhance you to intermingle with religion and culture of Bhutan.

3. A Brief Perception of Bhutan’s Own Beauty!!

‘Before a trip to an unknown place, everyone must know about the concept of that particular place!’

Bhutan Tour is the most convenient way to sketch out the treasures of Bhutan, in which you will be introduced to the unspoiled natural grandeur of Bhutan. Filled with rugged mountain terrain and steep mountain valleys from subtropical plains to the sub-alpine Himalayas exceeding 7000 meters, Bhutan is a Buddhist country.

The rich coniferous forests, glacial lakes, beautiful passes, and amazing views of snow-capped mountains- that all defines Bhutan!

4. Bhutan’s Ethnic & Religious Festivals!!

There is a saying-‘The greatness of a culture can be found in its festivals.’

The fantastic idea of discovering real spirit and real essence of Bhutan’s culture is to witness the charm of numerous colorful festivals, such as-

  • Trongsa Tshechu
  • Mushroom Festival
  • Thimphu Drubchen
  • Jambay Lhakhang Drup
  • Jakar Tshechu
  • Black Necked Crane Festival
  • Mongar Tshechu
  • Haa Summer Festival and so on

Wow! Such a religious country it is!

5. A Spiritual Tour to Bhutan!!

‘No cultural trip will be complete without exploring the religious places!’

It is an outstanding way of capturing the real essence of Bhutan, introduces you to the imposing Dzongs, or temples, which are the intrinsic way to experience the Bhutanese cultural life.  Some religious places of Bhutan are-

  • Trongsa Dzong
  • Jakar Dzong
  • Punakha Dzong
  • Taktsang Monastery
  • Kyichu Lhakhang Monastery
  • Rinpung Dzong
  • Tango Monastery
  • Memorial Chorten

Want to know more? Then come to Bhutan by grabbing affordable Bhutan holiday packages to visualize the glory of it at your own eyes!

Popular FAQs-

Q. Which is the best time to visit Bhutan?

A. The best time to visit Bhutan is from October to February.

Q. What are the best hotels to stay in Bhutan?

A. The best hotels to stay in Bhutan are Park Hotel, Hotel Norbuling, Taj Tashi Hotel etc.

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