5 tips for patients with diabetes for a healthy and safe Bhutan Tour

5 tips for patients with diabetes for a healthy and safe Bhutan Tour

October 5, 2018 0 By the-admin

The festive season is on. Durga Puja, Diwali Christmas, New Year and many more are on the way. You might have some vacation plans in your mind. If you haven’t decided the destination yet, this is the right article for you as we are here to recommend Bhutan for your next holiday trip.

Why Bhutan?

Simply, because it is one of the most beautiful and most unique countries in the world. Bhutan is also the first and only country to have adopted Happiness as their national goal and the government pressurizes on GNH (Gross National Happiness) more than GDP (Gross Domestic Product).

Apart from that, Bhutan is also packed with some of the most astonishing sightseeing of this part of the world. Thimphu, Paro, and Punakha are the major destinations where numerous sightseeing places are visited by thousands of tourists throughout the year.

Do you have diabetes?

Everything is set from booking the best Bhutan family package to the best budget hotel for your trip but wait! Do you have diabetes? It is important not to forget that you have diabetes. However, you can go on a trip and have fun.

All you have to do is just remember the following tips and stay healthy and safe during your Bhutan tours

1. Pack all the medications-

You should start packing earlier as you can’t afford to miss the necessary pieces of medications that are mandatory for a diabetes patient. Pack insulin, its cooling packs, the monitoring device of blood sugar, test strips, extra batteries, health insurance card, emergency contact number and names, and an extra prescription etc.

2. Insulin needs to be taken care of-

If your car doesn’t have AC, then you should carry a cooling ice pack for your insulin but do not forget to put a towel between the ice and the insulin otherwise it might get frozen. In an open area where the temperature is too cold, keep the insulin close to your body to keep it at the exact temperature.

3. Carry an extra pair of flip flops-

Diabetes patients are more likely to lose sensation in their feet and we all know the healing power of the body decreases when you have diabetes. Hence you should always wear footwear which will protect you from getting infections.

4. Buying travel insurance can be handy-

Your health issues can trouble your Bhutan holiday tour plans. If you fall sick in the middle of your vacation, your travel insurance can come in handy. You will be able to consult doctors and have a speedy recovery.

5. Healthy snacks and pure sugar items should be there with you-

Healthy snacks include an apple or banana with nuts, almonds, walnuts, pumpkin seeds, roasted peanuts, sliced pear, cheese sticks, raw veggies etc. You can carry pure sugar items in case of low blood sugar. You can also include juice and glucose tablets.

Some other tips that must be kept in mind-

  • The road to Bhutan may be windy and you may feel nausea hence carry some anti-vomiting pills
  • If you traveling to Bhutan in winter, then pack some heavy woolens, leather jackets, mufflers, hand gloves, and body warmers
  • Book a Bhutan family package beforehand to avoid hassles during your journey
  • Avail car rentals from local tour operators
  • Respect the royal family and the religious belief of the country
  • Do not smoke in public

Travel smartly to stay safe and to enjoy the most of Bhutan!!

Bhutan is a wonderful destination for vacations. It is safe for tourist to travel to Bhutan. Keep these above-mentioned tips in mind and explore the amazing sightseeing, hospitable people, their culture, and lifestyle and get a taste of the festivals of Bhutan.

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