5 Must-Visit Romantic Places In Bhutan

5 Must-Visit Romantic Places In Bhutan


Bhutan is called the last Shangri-La due to its rich cultural, natural, and religious treasures. Exploring the sightseeing attractions of Bhutan will surely ensure you a romantic honeymoon experience amidst nature and diverse wildlife. You can indulge in fun activities and spend some relaxing time here to collect some unforgettable memories. 

If you’re planning your honeymoon in the land of happiness then you must book an affordable Bhutan couple package by contacting a reputed travel agency. Booking an all-inclusive tour package will enable you to enjoy your vacation comfortably without any worries regarding transportation and accommodation. 

Let’s explore some of the most romantic locations in Bhutan that you must explore during your honeymoon trip. 

1. Bumthang

The first place that you must explore during your romantic getaway is Bumthang, where you can discover the unique charm and beauty of four lush green valleys such as Chokor, Ura, Tang, and Chhume.

The backdrop of the picturesque Black Mountains also enhances the overall beauty of Bumthang. Some of the places that you must visit with your partner are Ngang Lhakhang, Tamzhing Monastery, and Jakar Dzong. You can also indulge in a romantic white horse trek or a burning lake trek to make the most out of the vacation. 

2. Punakha 

If you’re arranging your honeymoon during winter, then the best place to visit in Bhutan is Punakha. This is because of the pleasant and warm weather that will provide you with ample sightseeing opportunities. 

In February, you can also attend the Punakha Tshechu Festivals which is famous for its vibrant masked dances and traditional customs. The other sightseeing attractions in Punakha are Khamsum Yulley Namgyal Chorten, Punakha Suspension Bridge, and Punakha Dzong. 

3. Paro 

Whenever you think of Bhutan, one place that will surely come into your mind is the popular Tiger’s Nest Monastery. To indulge in a romantic trek to this cultural icon through dense forest, you must add Paro to your Bhutan honeymoon tour package. 

This popular honeymoon destination is also famous for being the home to the only international airport in the country. Kyichu Lhakhang temple, the National Museum of Bhutan, and Rinpung Dzong are the other mesmerizing attractions. 

4. Phobjikha Valley 

Phobjikha Valley or Gangtey is the most famous glacial valley that can provide the best adventurous feelings. The wildlife enthusiast couple will be hugely uplifted by this place since you can witness endangered black-necked cranes here.

You must attend the Crane Festival here or indulge in a short trek to the Gangtey monastery to attain some inner peace and spend some tranquil time with your partner. For a romantic experience, you can drive through the Dochula Pass and rhododendron forests to reach Gangtey. 

5. Trongsa 

Trongsa is a misty offbeat village in Bhutan which is known for the breathtaking views of the mountains. To attain the views, you can visit Chendebji Chorten or the fort of Trongsa Dzong. The panoramic view of the Mangde Chhu gorges can also be attained from here. 

Spending your honeymoon in Bhutan will surely provide you with a magical experience, where you can wake up with the views of foggy mountains and the chirping of colourful birds. To make this journey more convenient, you must book the best Bhutan couple package at affordable rates. 

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